Using creams to remove hair has been popular for a while now. Why so? It’s mostly due to the fact that the procedure is quick and not painful at all. In addition to that, it doesn’t cause ingrown hair like shaving, epilating or waxing sometimes does. However, it’s not all perfect. There are some common side effects like skin burns or rashes that creams cause. Although, they could be easily avoided if you use all of the products in the right way. If you’re here, you’re probably searching for the best depilatory cream for legs. Here are some reviews for each product and tips on how to use hair removal creams in the right way.

Best Depilatory Cream for Legs – Summary

Depilatory Cream Features Rating Price Check Price on Amazon

-Comes with spatula

-Consists of aloe vera and vitamin E

-13.5 oz


-Cherry blossom flavour

-With meadowfoam seed oil

-4.2 oz


-Made specifically for men

-Masculine scents

-13 oz


-Smooth skin for a week

-Consists of cocoa butter and vitamin E

-9 oz


-Removes thick dark hair

-Ingredients include essential oils

-7 oz


-Spraying nozzle

-With vitamin E and aloe vera

-5.1 oz


Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream

Veet is a widely known brand. It earned its name for very good reasons. Therefore, it’s not surprising that its products are one of the most popular ones when it comes to hair removal. Veet gel hair remover cream contains aloe vera and vitamin E. Aloe vera has properties to soothe and cool skin, that’s mainly the reason why it’s used in this hair removal cream. It reduces irritation that can be caused by chemicals like alcohol and hydroxides. In addition to that, vitamin E is highly anti-oxidative and dissolves in oil. Therefore, it can easily get into your cells and stop cell damage.

This cream comes in bottle that has a pump. As a result, the whole depilation procedure is less messy, takes less time and turns out to be more enjoyable. In addition to that, spatula will help you to spread the cream all over your legs so that all of the hair are removed. Overall, this product is suitable for those with sensitive skin and that’s why it’s the best depilatory cream for legs.


  • Doesn’t result in burns, good for sensitive skin
  • The bottle lasts for quite long, therefore it’s good for the price
  • The odor bothers less compared to other products


  • Doesn’t remove all hair, especially in coarser parts
  • You need to apply quite a thick layer of cream to get wanted results

Avon SKIN SO SOFT Fresh & Smooth Cream

This depilatory cream comes in 125 ml tubes and contains meadowfoam seed oil. The oil consists mostly of fatty acids and is believed to be stable as well as a great lubricant. It stays on the skin, soothes it and lets hydroxides as well as alcohol get rid of your hair. In addition to that, it has moisturising properties due to Shea butter that is one of the ingredients. Avon depilatory cream can remove hair in as little as 3 minutes. All of that results in hairless skin.


In order to use the cream, you’ll need to apply a thick layer of it on your skin and leave it for about 3 minutes. However, you should make sure not to rub it in as it can lose the effect on hair and instead burn you. If you want to keep the cream on for longer than 3 minutes, don’t go over 8 minutes. Otherwise, you may badly burn your skin.


  • Cherry blossom flavor helps a lot with the smell
  • No need to use spatula to scratch off that hair
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Safe to use in sensitive areas as well


  • Comes in small amount – 125 ml tube
  • Need to wait till hair grows to a certain length before using the cream

Veet vs. Avon

Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream Avon SKIN SO SOFT Cream
With aloe vera and vitamin E With meadowfoam oil and Shea butter
13.5 oz(400 ml) 4.2 oz(125 ml)
$ $$

Nair Men Hair Removal Cream 

Nair brand is well known for its hair removal products. It also happens to offer more affordable products, which is especially important for depilatory creams. Why? We use them often, therefore we have to buy big amounts of it. As a result, expenses can add up to a pretty decent amount of money that you may regret spending. Nair Men Hair Removal Cream is the bestselling product in men hair removal section. That’s due to the fact that it’s mostly effective with coarse hair.


This Nair cream comes in a large bottle of 369 ml (13 oz) that has a pump. It ensures easy application. In addition to that, you’ll have enough cream to remove hair from your legs. However, that’s not just it. You can also use this cream while still showering. It stays on if water stream is not directed to the area where it’s applied. That’s great news for all of those who constantly try to save time! Moreover, you can use this product not only for legs but for chest, arms and back.


  • Time efficient
  • Does remove most of the coarse hair
  • Less messy if you’re removing hair in shower


  • Can result in irritation depending on skin type, therefore make sure to follow instructions
  • Can be hard to take this cream off due to its water-resistance

Nair Cocoa Butter Hair Remover Lotion

Here is another Nair product. However, this one specifically concentrates on female audience. You can very well tell that from the colour of the package, which is pink. The cream consists of cocoa butter and vitamin E. Cocoa butter is an antioxidant that has very smooth texture. Therefore, it soothes your skin and moisturizes it. Vitamin is an antioxidant too and reduces the levels of irritation that could be caused by this hair removal cream.

You only need to keep this cream on the skin for about 3 minutes and it’ll surely do its job. In addition to that, it could also be used for sensitive areas such as bikini line, underarms. However, you shouldn’t use it on your face as it may cause skin irritation. Our facial skin is very sensitive and therefore requires creams that specifically concentrate on removing hair from it. Comes in tubes that contain 9 oz (256 ml) of the cream.


  • Enough cream to remove hair from large areas of body
  • Easily removes hair, you can wash the cream off and it works well
  • Skin stays smooth for about a week


  • Can cause burns if you don’t exactly follow the instructions
  • Very bad smell

Nair for Men vs. Women

Nair Men Hair Removal Cream Nair Cocoa Butter Hair Remover Lotion
With masculine scents With cocoa butter and vitamin E
13 oz(370 ml) 9 oz(256 ml)
$$ $$

Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Remover

Here is another Veet depilating cream. It comes in a tube of 6.78 oz(200 ml). It’s made of essential oils and brings out velvet rose scent. This cream is suitable for both dry and normal skin. Therefore, if you keep the cream on your skin for 3 minutes, it should not cause any rashes. However, if you keep it longer than that, you may have problems. Be careful!

Essential oils have anti-inflammatory features and cleanse skin. Therefore, they protect skin from unwanted infections or irritations that could be caused by the cream.


  • Works well and doesn’t leave rashes if used for no longer than advised time
  • Leaves legs soft and smooth
  • Removes even coarse dark hair


  • The mixture of velvet rose scent and hair burn smells strange
  • The smell is strong

Veet Spray On Hair Remover Cream

This Veet product is a tiny bit different in a sense that you can spray it on your skin. That can be super handy when you’re in a rush and just want to get rid of that hair. The product comes with spatula that will help you spread the cream equally. In addition to that, the spray’s volume is 5.1 oz (145 ml).

Veet spray is suitable for sensitive skin due to its moisturizing ingredients. Aloe vera and vitamin E are also a part of this product’s ingredients. They protect skin and leave it smooth and shiny.


  • Very easy to use and less messy
  • Does remove hair and leaves skin soft
  • Doesn’t cause burning sensation


  • The amount of cream is quite small
  • Smell can be quite strong
  • Spray nozzle can clog up

Veet Gel vs. Spray

Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Veet Spray On Hair Remover Cream
With essential oils With aloe vera and vitamin E
7 oz(200 ml) 5.1 oz(145 ml)
$$ $

How to Use Depilatory Cream

Here is a video on how to use pretty much all Veet depilatory creams with spatula to achieve wanted results.

In addition to that, a video on how to use Nair Hair Removal Cream for men. However, this time it’s used on chest. If you want to remove hair from legs, procedure is still very similar.

Things to Avoid When Using Depilatory Cream

Don’t Rub the Cream into Your Skin
Depilatory creams are full of chemicals whose intention is to burn your hair. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to rub in the cream since what the cream needs to do is get rid of the hair. They are above the skin.
Don’t Use the Cream in Hot Environment
Using the cream in hot environment helps the skin to absorb the cream. That’s not something we want. The main reason we’re using that leg hair removal cream is to attack the hair, not your skin cells.
Don’t Use the Cream if You Have Extra Sensitive Skin
I know it’s quite unfair that some people with sensitive skin are more prone to getting skin irritations than others. However, that’s the way it is. Very often it’s even not recommended to use depilatory creams for those with extra sensitive skin. All of that due to chemicals that these creams consist of. Don’t be disappointed though, there are other ways to remove hair: you can epilate, wax your legs or even shave from day to day. Therefore, you still can get rid of hair. Just in a different way.
Don’t Use the Cream in a Small Locked Room
This tip may sound strange. However, once you start depilating it makes perfect sense. Why? Depilatory creams often have very distinctive smell caused by chemicals. In addition to that, it can even be dangerous to inhale all of that chemical vapour if you are in a place that isn’t ventilated well. Therefore, make sure that you use creams in the right place.
Don’t Leave the Cream on Your Skin for too Long
Most of the burns caused by creams are due to the fact that people leave them on the skin for too long. Majority of the instructions will tell you that you can leave the cream on your skin for up to 6-10 minutes. However, the optimal time is usually 3 minutes. Therefore, make sure to read the instructions beforehand and follow them carefully.
Don’t Use the Cream if You are Allergic
Get into the habit reading ingredients of the products. You never know when they’ll contain a substance that you’ll be allergic to. Therefore, I advise you to have an allergy test before each procedure. All you need to do is put some cream on your skin and leave it for 24 hours. If it causes irritation, you’re probably allergic to one of the ingredients.

Have you found the best depilatory cream for legs? Or perhaps learnt something new about depilation you didn’t know before? If yes, you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts and perhaps give us advice in our comment section. In addition to that, if you have some question and need some help, don’t be afraid to seek for it. We’ll do our best to answer. At the end of the day it’s nice to keep on learning!