do epilators hurt

Epilation is becoming more and more popular amongst both men and ladies. Therefore, there are more and more people who want to try it out and see whether it’s as amazing as others say. It’s also absolutely natural to question whether it’s worth trying it since hair removal itself is not the most pleasurable procedure. If you are here, you’re probably wondering do epilators hurt. The answer to that isn’t that short. However, we’ll still try to answer it and give you a few tips on how to reduce the pain and make epilating less painful.

So do epilators hurt? – The Short Answer

The answer to this question could be both yes and no. Yes, epilation is painful since you’re pulling out hair from the roots. That’s not a natural process, therefore your body reacts and complains. The complaint results in pain. However, all of us react to various levels of pain differently. Some of us are more sensitive while others not as much.

Nevertheless, we have to calm you down and tell you that epilation becomes less painful with regular usage. In addition to that, taking certain steps before each procedure and after can improve levels of pain to the point where epilating doesn’t cause discomfort. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Hence, here are a few tips that will help you to deal with that.

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6 Tips to Make Epilating Less Painful

Exfoliate Regularly

First of all, do you know what exfoliation is? It’s the process of removing dead cells from the easiest to reach layer of skin. These dead cells no longer serve any purpose and hinder epilator from fully removing and catching hairs. Making epilator’s job easier improves the efficiency and speed of procedure. That’s why exfoliation can significantly reduce pain levels.

You need to know that there are a few ways to exfoliate skin . You can do it both mechanically and chemically. We know that some of the people are trying to use fewer and fewer chemically produced creams and other products. Therefore, we recommend these people to try to exfoliate skin mechanically.

Warm up Your Skin

If you want your epilator to work properly and remove all hair, you have to warm up your skin. Why you’ll ask. We do that so that our pores loosen up and let out sebum that’s been building up. Once our pores are like that, epilator can reach the bottom of the hair and grip on them easier. As a result, your hair will get removed in a shorter time and more efficiently.

Here are some of the ways to warm up your skin:

Take a warm shower
Boil some water with chamomile and direct steam towards your skin
Go and spend some time in sauna

Hold Your Skin Taunt While Epilating

Many painful procedures are caused by inexperienced hands. One of the most important things that you have to do while epilating is keeping your skin taunt. Epilators can sometimes grip on your skin instead of hair and that can cause a lot of pain. Therefore, you need to keep your skin taunt in order to avoid it. You can easily do it with your hands. Stretch your skin, turn on your epilator and start using it.

Take Your Time

Epilation can be very painful at the first time. The most important thing when it comes to this procedure is to stay calm and patient. Our bodies are not used to anything if we’ve never tried it. However, they are very good at adjusting to new environment. Therefore, when you start epilating, your body gets signals that something has changed. Your body goes through small changes and adjusts to pain. However, it takes time. How much time it will take you mainly depends on your body. For some people it only takes 2-3 times to fully adjust to pain while for others – up to 10 times. Therefore, be patient and keep on epilating!

Massage Your Skin

After experience such amount of pressure your skin will be more than happy to get a massage. Massaging your muscles and skin improves circulation and reduces the tension that’s built up during epilation. Now it’s time to slow down, sit down or even lie down and massage your skin. Some epilators come with massaging attachments that you can put on the epilator and use.

Cool Down You Skin

It’s quite good to cool down your skin after each epilation. It makes your pores shrink (or you could say close) and protects you from unwanted infections. Your skin relaxes and soreness goes away. You may see a few red bumps on your skin but don’t worry, they will go away overnight. That’s one of the reasons why we recommend to use epilators in the evening. Next morning your skin will be ready to rise and shine. You’ll be able to show it to your friends.

Level of Pain Depends on Epilator You Use

You should also understand that you can buy a cheap epilator as well as an expensive one. The difference between the features they offer sometimes can be immense. The more expensive epilators offer more attachments such as massagers and exfoliators. They also have bigger heads that improve the spend and efficiency of the procedure. On the other hand, cheaper epilators are much simpler. They have smaller heads that result in slower epilation. However, that may be more useful for beginners since these epilators catch fewer hair at the time and cause less pain. Although, they lack massaging systems that soothe skin and make epilation more bearable. Here is more information about epilators.

So do epilators hurt? What would be your answer to this question? We’re calling out both experienced and beginners. Have you ever tried epilating yourself? What was your experience? Perhaps you have more tips on how to make epilating less painful? Please share your thoughts and comment below. We would be more than happy to hear from you and learn. In addition to that, feel free to ask questions if you feel like we haven’t given enough details for the topic. Thank you for visiting our website and have a lovely day!