epilator tips and tricks

There are a few things one must know before choosing an epilator. In my short life I’ve already learnt a few epilator tips and tricks that I’d love to share with you.

Epilator Tips and Tricks

Here is a few things I know already. First of all, choosing the right epilator is essential and using it is a completely different story. If you do both things right, you’ll probably be happy with the results you get from epilation.

Choose the Right Epilator

In order to enjoy the perfect epilation procedure, you need to find the right epilator for you. Even if you do everything right with the wrong epilator, it’s not going to go well. Trust me. That’s why I’d like to share with you some of the epilator features you should be looking at when you’re searching for an epilator.

Number of Tweezers

I know that it may look that the larger the number of tweezers an epilator has, the better. Even though, most of the time it’s true, sometimes it isn’t. First, you want an epilator with very large number of tweezers (up to 72) if you are an experienced epilator user. That means that you are pretty much used to pain that epilating can cause. If you’re a beginner, 72 tweezers may be way too much for you. Therefore, depending on that you either need to figure out whether fewer or more tweezers suit you better.

Second, you have to think about what part of your body will you mainly epilate. A lot of tweezers is great for large body parts such as legs. However, for more sensitive areas like underarms, bikini area, you may want to try an epilator with fewer tweezers. Some epilators come with caps for sensitive areas which expose your skin to fewer tweezers though. You may want to consider devices that has this attachment if you are planning on removing hair from sensitive areas.

Wet&Dry or Dry

I highly recommend buying a Wet&Dry epilator. Purely because they give you more freedom. I, personally, sometimes like to epilate in the shower and sometimes find it easier to epilate without going in there. In addition to that, epilating while showering eases the pain and makes the procedure much more pleasurable since water massages your skin. However, it may not be as effective at times. Obviously, Wet&Dry epilators are more expensive than the dry ones. Although, the flexibility they offer is totally worth it.

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That’s probably my favorite part about epilators. Attachments! The good stuff that epilators come with is the main reason why you should spend that $50-$100. What kind of attachments am I talking about? The ones for special body parts, exfoliating brushes, extra massaging rollers, etc. All of it offers not only a good hair removal experience but they can easily be used in your skin care routine. At the end of the day, if you want to have wonderful skin, you cannot use one epilator and expect the end results to be fabulous. The secret to that is a combination of things – exfoliation, moisturizing, etc.

Performance When Charged

Many of the epilators nowadays are cordless. That means that performance time becomes important. You don’t want your epilator to lose charge in the middle of the procedure. Therefore, you need to look at how long an epilator lasts after being charged. 40 minutes is about right. Especially if you’re looking to epilate your whole body in one go, which I usually do.


I know that it’s a sensitive subject. However, I felt the need to cover it. I know that everyone’s budgets are different. Therefore, my ultimate advice is to search for a good quality and price combination. If you don’t need any of the fancy attachments that may come with an epilator for an extra price, you might as well just buy a cheaper epilator that still does the job but costs less. Additionally, in case you’re not looking forward to epilating in the shower, you might as well just save a few bucks by buying a dry epilator. After all, you need to make sure that the price and the features of the device suit you best.

Tips on How to Use an Epilator

After you buy an epilator that suits you well, you might as well just start using it! There are few things, I’d like to note when it comes to epilating your body. I’ve already written an article about how to epilate, therefore I’ll share only a few extra important tips and you can read about the rest in my article.

Prepare Your Skin

Preparation is as important as the procedure itself. Therefore, I always make sure that my skin is at the best possible condition when I remove hair. If I’m epilating in dry conditions, I usually double checker whether my skin is dry and clean so that epilator has no problem to lift my hair and pulled them out. In addition to that, I shower beforehand to soften the pores and let all the unwanted stuff out. That ensures a better access to the root of your hair and improves overall procedure. The mistake a lot of ladies make is having a cold shower before the procedure. It closes pores and doesn’t let epilator to reach the roots anymore. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of removing hair.

Trick for Longer Hair

I know that some people complain that epilators don’t catch their hair and instead just latch on them making the whole procedure more painful when the hair is long. I usually lift my epilator slightly above my skin to avoid that. Obviously, that makes the procedure slightly more painful than usual but it helps to get all that longer hair and rip them out in the beginning. That’s why I usually start epilating with the epilator above my skin and then get closer.

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Use Epilator the Right Way

What many often forget is cleaning the device you’re using. I know it sounds super simple but people are just lazy sometimes. Including me! In addition to that, when you’re using your epilator just put it against your skin in a 90-degree angle. Don’t try anything special tricks. They won’t work. Instead, you’ll just irritate your skin.

I hope you enjoyed my epilator tips and tricks. In case you have a question or two, comment below! I’m sure I can answer them! Have a lovely day and take care.