How to epilate underarms

Hello, it’s been a while! Today I’d like to give you a few tips on armpit epilation. Epilation isn’t a very complicated process, otherwise people wouldn’t do it in the first place. However, you do need to know a few things to acquire the best results. I thought teaching you how to epilate underarms wouldn’t be such a bad idea! Therefore, I’ll give you a few tips that I have in mind whenever I remove hair from my armpits.

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Is Epilation a Good Method to Remove Hair from Armpits?

In my opinion, the answer is yes! Epilation unlike waxing and shaving doesn’t irritate skin so much. Therefore, if you’re looking to having armpits like those in advertisements, epilation is the way to go. You’re least likely to suffer from razor bumps and other unwanted irritations that make our underarms look ugly. That’s for sure!

6 Tips on How to Epilate Underarms

Get a Proper Epilator

I’ve actually already written a post about the top epilators that I recommend for underarms. You can check it out. There are a few things you need to have in mind while searching for an epilator that would be suitable for underarms:

  • How often will you use it?
  • Do you want to use it for other body parts as well?
  • Are you a beginner at epilation?
  • How much do you want to spend?

You should know that epilation is pretty painful in the beginning and it takes a bit of a time to get used to ripping your hair out of your body! Therefore, you should look for an epilator with up to 20 tweezers. At least in the beginning. That would probably be enough just for the armpits! Although, if you are thinking of using the device for other parts of your body, you may as well just buy something with more tweezers, attachments. It will probably be more expensive as well, though. All in all, just think about your needs.

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Clean Up and Dry Out Your Skin

We sweat. Let’s be honest. I know it and you know it. Out armpits are pretty much the centre of all of the sweat. In addition to that, it’s simply a great place for bacteria to reproduce if you happen to have some hair there as well. That’s mainly the reason why we need to clean up before epilation. You can either take a quick warm shower or a long relaxing bath. Just make sure your armpits don’t smell. J Afterwards, dry them out and get to work!

Why Is It So Important to Shower Beforehand?

Generally speaking, bathing or taking a shower before epilation isn’t absolutely necessary if you’re epilating legs or your arms. However, it’s extremely important when you want to remove hair from your armpits or other more intimate parts. Why? Those parts of our body are great for bacteria to reproduce. If you rip out your hair with all of bacteria that nearby, you may end up suffering from infections and ingrown hair.

Stretch Your Arm

This step is especially important when you are removing hair from your armpits. Underarms are not as easy to epilate as legs since the area of epilation is so much smaller. Therefore, you need to stretch your arm as much as possible since that’s the only way you can taunt your skin. As a result, epilator won’t catch your skin and cut it! It’s a good idea to get some help with that as well. If you have a friend who could help you taunt your skin and wouldn’t be disgusted by it, go for it!

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Use Sensitive Area Attachments

If you have an epilator with only a few tweezers and small head, that’s great! However, if you happen to have one of those bigger epilators with 40 tweezers or so, you may want to use an attachment. Sensitive area attachments do their job best. If you don’t know how they look like, they’re the ones with a small hole in them. The idea is that your skin will be exposed to fewer tweezers, therefore it’ll be easier to manoeuvre the device and epilation will be less painful.

Don’t Use an Epilator with a Big Head in the Beginning

I always suggest everyone to start slow because first bad experiences don’t show the reality. Epilators with a 30+ tweezers can be super painful for someone who’s just starting to epilate his/her armpits. Starting with fewer tweezers helps your skin to adjust to changes and receive them delightfully.

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Epilate against the Direction of Hair Growth

I know our armpits can be quite messy! Therefore, epilating only one way won’t help. You’ll probably have to look in the mirror while doing it so that you could see what direction your hair is growing. Just be patient and try to catch all of that hair. I usually use a magnifying mirror. The hair look giant in it but its super helpful if you want to remove all of them.

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Pamper Your Skin

In order to avoid redness caused by epilation, you need to take care of your skin after the procedure. There are a few things that you could do:

  • Wash your armpits with cold water
  • Moisturize with oil or plain cream

Cold water helps to close pores. That helps to avoid unnecessary infections caused by bacteria and obviously ingrown hair. Also, moisturizing is useful when it comes to calming your skin down.

How to Epilate Armpits with Sensitive Skin

I know some of us have super sensitive skin and any irritation can cause long-lasting redness and bumps. I’m feeling you and I’m one of you! What did I do to avoid that? Obviously, I always try to follow the steps I mentioned above. However, more importantly I’ve started waxing first and only after that moved on to epilation. Waxing offers a good way for skin to adapt to external irritations since it’s less painful. It also helps to decrease the density of your hair, which is extra helpful later when you start epilating.

Now that you know how to epilate underarms don’t be afraid to try it. In case of a bad experience or questions, comment below, I’ll try to answer!