Can You Use Epilator On Face

Having beautiful face and silky skin has always been important to any woman. After all, that’s a part of a body that can be so easily seen. That’s also the reason why so many woman use makeup. The idea behind all of it is to hide unwanted spots or redness. In addition to that, some of us suffer from facial hair and therefore have to bleach them or remove them from time to time. There are several hair removal methods to get rid of the weird hair on our face. Epilating is one of them. However, the question is: can you use epilator on face? There are a few things you need to know.

Can You Use Epilator on Face?

The answer is yes. However, it’s important to pick the right gadget that would do that. If you use just any epilator you find without doing further research, you may experience side effects. Your skin may end up being red and full of bumps. In fact, your skin may look worse than it did before epilation. So what kind of epilator do you need? Here are some of the features to look for.

Things to Look for in an Epilator

Attachments for Sensitive Areas

Many epilators, especially nowadays, are very powerful. They have large heads and 40-60 tweezers. If you tried to use a gadget like that on your face, it could end up badly. However, many of them come with attachments for sensitive areas. Usually those are caps with small halls in them. So look for them whenever you’re buying an epilator that you’re planning to use on other body parts as well. Sensitive area attachments expose your skin to fewer tweezers, therefore an epilator grips on fewer hair. That results in a less painful epilation and doesn’t cause significant face skin irritation

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Massaging Rollers

Massaging rollers can make so much difference to epilation. Epilation isn’t very pleasant. At the end of the day, your hair Is being pulled out of the follicle. There isn’t anything pleasant about that. Therefore, it’s good if an epilator has massaging rollers. While you’re epilating, they can beautifully massage your skin. Pulsing vibrations will soothe your skin and epilation will become seemingly less painful. That can benefit both your mood and your skin condition. If the process is painful, then your face experiences a fair amount of shock that afterwards will cause irritation to your skin.

A Small Amount of Tweezers

Many cheaper epilators happen to have a smaller amount of tweezers. They are slower at pulling out the hair and you usually need to go over the same patch of skin a few times. Therefore, they’re not necessarily capable of removing hair from large body parts. However, these type of epilators happen to be good for face. They usually have smaller head as well. As a result, it’s easy to maneuver them around and pull out hair that are hard to reach. In conclusion, it’s sometimes better to get a cheaper epilator that doesn’t have many attachments and only around 20 tweezers.

Should Have an Exfoliating Brush

Many epilators often come with exfoliating attachments or separate exfoliating brushes. Exfoliation is generally very important for epilation. It cleanses skin and unclogs pores. That’s pretty important, because an epilator then can reach the very bottom of the hair and grip on it easily. In addition to that, it doesn’t irritate skin. Exfoliation after epilation is essential too. It helps your skin to relax and clear up whatever is left after hair removal. That can help to get better end results with more beautiful and softer skin. Hence, exfoliating is essential if you want to remove facial hair, therefore look for an epilator with an exfoliating brush. Otherwise, find other methods to exfoliate.

Preferably Can Be Used in the Shower

Once you start searching for an epilator, you’ll realise that there are two types of them. Dry and Wet&Dry. Wet&Dry epilators tend to be softer, because you can use them in a shower. An epilator under a current of water, can be less painful. After all, water soothes your skin and warmth relaxes your facial muscles and pores. That could be useful when removing facial hair. However, these epilators tend to work less efficiently under the current of water. Therefore, they may not be able to remove all of that hair on your face. In my opinion, you should try and see what works best for you.

Small Head

Like I mentioned before, small heads help to move epilator around easier. It also makes it simple to remove hair from such parts as chin. You don’t really want to use an epilator that’s almost the size of your cheek. It will be both painful and uncomfortable to epilate. Epilators with smaller head also tend to have fewer tweezers. There is only so many tweezers you can fit in there! That contributes towards more pleasant hair removal experience. In addition to that, fewer tweezers cause less irritation and don’t result in horrible redness that we so often have to fight with.

You Could Use a Coil Epilator

Many ladies choose to use a coil epilator instead of an electric one. If you’re searching for something that you would use only on face, coil epilator could be just what you need. They are quite limited, however do very good job when it comes to face. I love how simple they are once you know how to use them. They are manual as well. You don’t need to worry about charging or batteries. In addition to that, coil epilators are super small. I like how you can just throw one in your bag and secretly use it in the bathroom if you need so. Electric epilators can be loud and that could make it hard to use them in public places. On the other hand, coil epilators are very quiet. I simply love them.

How Can You Epilate Facial Hair?

Here are a few steps I follow before and after epilating my face.

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I Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a magical thing. I usually use an exfoliating brush or exfoliating cream. Depends on my mood really. Here is a lovely video that shows potential exfoliating products.

I Wash My Face with Warm Water

I truly love to wash my face with cold water, however it’s so much better to do that with warm water before epilation. That causes pores to loosen up and clear up. An epilator then has an easier time reaching the hair it wants to get rid of.

I Dry Out My Skin

Since I prefer dry epilation, I always thoroughly dry out my skin. However, as I’ve already said, everyone likes different types of epilation. Therefore, this step is not necessarily essential.

I Wash My Face with Extra Cold Water

Right after epilation, I wash my face with very cold water. I simply love doing that! It also closes pores and reduces redness.

I Moisturise

Right after that I love to moisturise my skin. I use a Lithuanian cream called Margarita. I love this cream, because it simply suits my super dry skin. It’s quite cheap as well. You can use any moisturising cream you like really. That doesn’t matter that much. Most importantly, give yourself time and massage your face with the cream you’re using. Skin needs some soothing after epilation and that’s a perfect opportunity to give it that.

So can you use epilator on face? Of course you can and now you know it. In case you have any questions, please comment below. I’ll do my best to answer. Additionally, if you have any ideas or tips for me and Epilator Home audience, I’d be more than happy to hear from you. You can either contact me or comment. I’m always looking forward to learning new things and sharing better and better tips. Have a good day!