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Epilating is becoming more and more popular amongst ladies since it’s quite a convenient way to remove hair. If you go to the shop and start searching for an epilator, it can truly get confusing. There are so many types of epilators. All you need to do is choose. However, that’s probably where the struggle comes in. I get you. I’ve struggled too and tried a lot of devices to truly see what suits me. If you’d like to find the best epilator for women, this list might help you. I’m sharing my 5 favorite epilators that I think would suit all ladies. The prices range from low to high, therefore there is something for anyone.

What’s the Best Epilator for Women? – My List


Nice Features

My Rating

Facial brush, standing charger

Cooling glove, shaving attachments

Massaging rollers

Smart tweezers, pouch with a zip

Efficiency cap

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What to Look for In an Epilator?

Whenever you‘re searching for an epilator it‘s probably a good idea to know what features this device needs to have. Obviously, you‘ll always need to think about your own needs but here are a few things you should ask yourself when you‘re choosing the right device for you.

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What‘s Your Budget?

Epilators tend to have more functionality with higher prices. However, often you may not even need them. Knowing your budget and how much you can spend can really make things easier for you. If you are not looking forward to spending a hundred dollars on a hair removing device, you can always buy something for about 40 dollars that will not be as versatile but will do the job. Cheaper epilators tend to be efficient for a shorter time too. Just think about what you really can spend.

Are You a Beginner?

If you‘re a beginner, it may be a good idea to keep your money in your pocket. Who knows, perhaps epilating is not for you. Different people do tend to react to this hair removal method differently. You don‘t want to waste $100 and realise that you cannot truly use the device. However, if you‘ve waxed before, you should be just fine.

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What Body Parts do You Want to Epilate?

If you want to epilate only a particular part of your body, it‘s more than ok to buy a cheaper epilator that‘s good for that one part only. That‘s especially true with facial epilators since you can buy one for as cheap as $10. However, if you want to use an epilator on more than one part of your body, things get little bit complicated. If you are one of those people, consider spending a bit more for a versatile device with quite a few attachments. You‘ll definitely win then.

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Braun Epilators

I’m sure by now you know Braun brand quite well. They’ve been working with their hair removal products over years and managed to come up with items that are widely known for their quality. I think we should all thank them for their diligent work and constant research. This company is one of the reasons why hair removal is so much easier nowadays. That’s something we should be grateful for. Don’t you think? Anyway, the quality of the devices that Braun makes is the reason why half of the epilators on the list are from that company. I’m a fan of this German brand and I don’t hide it!

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579

I’ve chosen this epilator for its versatility and functionality. You can use this device as an epilator on all parts of your body, because it comes with caps for sensitive areas too. It also includes a shaver head and a trimming cap. I found that they are very useful when my hairs are a bit too long to epilate. Epilators tend to break long hairs instead of catching them and ripping them out. Therefore, these attachments do tend to be useful. However, what I love the most is the bonus facial brush that it comes with. It’s very useful for exfoliating face before and after epilating it as well as getting rid of makeup. It gives your skin a chance to rest from chemicals.

The epilator comes with a standing charger which is super useful for those who constantly forget to charge their devices (I’m talking about myself here)! Although, it also means that you cannot remove hair while charging the device for obvious reasons. However, if you charge it, it shouldn’t matter that much. Additionally, It’s wet and dry. What I personally found was that any epilator isn’t as effective in the shower. If you are sensitive and find epilating painful, it greatly reduces pain, though. As you can see there are pros and cons everywhere really. However, it’s surely the best epilator for women.

Overall, Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 is a little beast that works very efficiently and super-fast. It rips out all that hair without needing to go over the same patch a couple of times. It does its job very well but might appear painful to beginners. Try to test your limits with this one and give yourself time to get used to the pain.


  • 1 hour of charge = 40 min of epilation
  • Great armpit attachment, does wonders to your hair
  • Has massaging rollers that let you get very near your skin


  • Painful, especially for beginners
  • Cannot use it while charging
  • Doesn’t work on very long or very short hair, you just need to get them right

Braun Silk-épil 5 5-280

epilator reviews for women

This epilator made it to the list for practicality and price. It’s cheaper than Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 and still does its job very well. However, it only comes with simple shaving and trimming attachments. In addition to that, you can only use it in dry conditions since it doesn’t really hold charge. It’s quite good though, you’ll never need to worry about charging the device before using it. That’s something we all can appreciate, I think. However, it does mean that you’ll need to have a socket nearby whenever you’ll want to rip those hairs out of your skin.

Unlike other epilators, this one comes with a cooling glove that will soothe your skin after the procedure. In case you feel tempted to use it before epilating, don’t do it. If you don’t know how to epilate and what procedure to follow, read my article that pretty much covers everything about that here. In this case, you just need to know that cooling glove is meant to be used after procedure. Don’t try to go against the system, because you’ll end up with ingrown hairs ;).

Like most Braun epilators, this one has an advanced massaging system that considerably reduces the pain and a pivoting head that usually comes useful on armpits and knees. It’s not of much help on your face though. That’s mostly because it has 40 tweezers which is a bit too much for your face. Therefore, it doesn’t work well on face. Additionally, it heats up after using it for around 20 minutes. That could be quite annoying.


  • Affordable price
  • Slightly less painful
  • Good for both beginners and experienced users


  • Not very useful for face
  • Loses its efficiency in a year’s time
  • Cord isn’t very long                                              

Braun Silk-épil 3 3-170

best epilators for women reviews

This epilator made it to the list mostly because of its price. It’s one of the cheaper epilators out there. It does its job quite well too. However, it loses its ‘’sharpness’’ in about a year’s time. I would recommend this little device to beginners who are still testing their limits. I think it’s not as painful as other products too.

The price is low but that’s mostly due to the fact that it doesn’t come with any attachments really. There is only one for sensitive areas. However, I never use it. I find it more efficient without them. It also has massaging rollers that significantly reduce the pain. Works great on legs and underarms. Not so good on face, though. Additionally, you won’t be able to use it in the shower since it doesn’t hold charge. On the bright side, you won’t really need to worry about charging it. I think the length of cable is ok, it could be longer though.

All in all, this device is great for those who are just trying out epilation and those who don’t really want to invest in fancy features. It’s also very small and compact and is simply great for travelling. It also has two speed settings that are quite helpful for beginners. I usually start with the lower setting to get adjusted to the pain and then turn to higher speed once I’m comfortable. Overall, a good simple device that does its job while its new. I think quality suits the price quite well.


  • No need to worry about charging
  • Small and easy to carry around
  • 20 tweezers, therefore good for legs but also suitable for armpits
  • Massaging rollers reduce pain very well


  • Not as effective after a year of usage
  • Cannot use in the shower
  • Cable could be longer
  • Cuts long hair instead of ripping them out                                                                              

Philips Epilators

Here is another brand that I’ll cheerfully introduce. What’s interesting about this company is that they came up with this idea to use ceramic tweezers instead of metal ones. That’s something that no other epilator brand does. The idea behind using ceramic discs instead of metal ones is that they’re more suitable for sensitive skin. With these epilators, you’re less likely to grip on skin and cause unnecessary irritations. I truly like them, because I know that there are a lot of people who do tend to have very sensitive skin and any type of hair removal causes bumps. If you’re one of them, Philips might be the brand you want to go with.

Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe

When you first see this epilator, all you probably can notice is how gorgeous it is. Yes, indeed! However, its ornaments and overall design is not the only reason why I feel like it’s great for women. First, it has a very nice size and grip. Once you have it in your hand, you’re sure it’s going to take away all your hair. It’s sturdy and yet soft with your skin. That’s mostly because of the ceramic discs that which don’t scratch your skin even if they touch it. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Another good feature about this epilator is its vibrating system that actively lifts hairs. That means that even the finest hairs get trapped and ripped out. From my own experience, I can tell you that this epilator is indeed not as painful as others. However, you do need to go over the same patch of skin a few times to get all that hair removed. I guess the fact that it has ceramic tweezers makes it not as effective. Although, I’ve never experienced hair bumps or any other kind of skin irritations, which makes me like this product. I know those with sensitive skin will understand me!

In addition to these features, it can be used in shower. However, I don’t feel like it’s as effective on wet skin. It also comes with a few fancy attachments that will probably make your day. It has shaving, trimming and styling attachments. Great for bikini! In addition to those, it comes with smart tweezers that have built-in light. They’re super useful on face. You cannot really use this epilator on face since it has a super large head that so nicely adjusts to your curves. However, tweezers are just for that. So don’t worry!


  • Holds charge for about 40 minutes, you can carry it anywhere
  • Feels nice in your hand
  • Great for sensitive, easily irritated skin
  • Large, curved head helps to epilate more efficiently


  • You’ll need to go over the same patch of skin a couple times
  • The device itself is not suitable for face epilation
  • No attachment for armpits, might be painful for beginners
  • Breaks long hair, trim them first   

Philips HP6401 Satinelle

Yet again, I wanted to include a cheaper option for those who‘re not looking for anything fancy – just an epilator that removes hair. Philips HP6401 Satinelle offers exactly that. However, unlike some other more advaned Philips products, it doesn‘t have ceramic discs. They‘re metal. It‘s still soft on skin and even has an efficiency cap that comes to use on face, armpits or bikini area. I like the fact that it‘s so cheap and yet so versatile. You can use it on all parts of your body since it‘s quite soft and works well on sensitive areas.

It is also quite small and easy to carry around. You can travel with this one for sure since it works just fine on different voltages. Therefore, it doesn‘t matter whether you‘re in UK or Lithuania, it will do its job just fine without heating up too much. It has quite a comfortable grip and even though you won‘t be able to use in the shower, you can still wash its head under running water.

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All in all, a simple device for a cheap price that works efficiently and can be used on any part of your body. Pretty good choice for the price that you pay.


  • You can use it on any part of your body
  • Works very well if you exfoliate your skin beforehand
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Not as painful as other epilators


  • Takes quite a long time to epilate legs
  • You‘ll need to go over the same patch of skin a few times
  • Very loud
  • Starts cutting hair instead of ripping them out after a year of usage


I hope you enjoyed my reviews for each epilator I recommend. As you‘ve probably realised I prefer two brands. Other brands are quite good too and you will find out that I recommend other products too. However, in this particular case I wanted to share devices that are suitable for women. I know that we are usually looking for products that we could use for pretty much any part of our bodies, that‘s why the products I‘ve shared with you are mostly with attachments that do that. So do you now have an idea of what‘s the best epilator for women? I hope the answer is yes. Anyway, have a lovely day and take care!