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If you have been on my blog for a while, you probably have noticed how much I talk about epilators and stress how great they are. Because they are, indeed! Why would I lie? Anyway, I like these devices so much that I even named this blog after them. However, Epilator Home isn’t just the place for these gadgets. Here I share tips for hair removal too! This post is not about that, though! Today, I’d love to talk about both pros and cons of epilators. I hope that you’ll find it useful, especially if you’re not sure whether you should get one of these babies or not. Knowing both sides of the story is always useful.

Pros and Cons of Epilators – What You Need to Know

The more you know about epilators, the easier it will be for you to make up your mind whether it’s worth to get one. I’ve pointed out some of, in my opinion, advantages and disadvantages of these gadgets. It’s up to you what’s more important for you! Some of these cons might seem funny to you or make you choose waxing. Anyway, enjoy!

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Cheaper Than Wax or Laser

Even though an epilator might seem like a huge investment at first, it’s still turns out to be cheaper than buying wax, strips or spatulas every month. An epilator can last for about 2 years and some of them only cost around $40. You can a buy a waxing kit for similar price and trust me it won’t last as long. An epilator is an investment that will certainly pay off in a couple of months. Many of them have warranties too, which means that you can always get another epilator without spending a penny in case the one you have stops working.

Removes Hairs From the Roots

What I simply love about epilators is that they rip out the hairs with their roots. That means that before the hair can start growing, it firstly needs to form a root. That takes time and, therefore, you can remove your hair less often. I am a busy person and removing hair every week isn’t really an option for me. I am sure there are more of you who’re feeling me. In addition to that, the hair that grows back is fairer and the procedure becomes less and less painful. I know it can be overwhelming at first but it does get better!

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Less Messy to Remove Hair

I am a very clumsy person. Therefore, whenever I use wax, it’s everywhere. It’s on the table, it’s on the floor, it’s on the sink in my bathroom… It’s just everywhere. If you’ve been in such a situation, you probably know how hard it is to clean it up! Anyway, epilator is something that saves me all the time. It’s so easy to use and not that messy at all. You just plug it in, it rips out the hairs and that’s it. Obviously, you’ll find a few hairs here and there on the floor, and you’ll probably have to clean the epilator itself. However, it’s not that messy at all!

Easy to Carry Around

If you travel a lot, having an epilator should be super helpful. They come in all shapes and sizes. You can always find something small with batteries or something that holds charge. Epilators are easy to carry around and you can take them out anywhere. If you feel like tweezing your face in the toilet, you’re free to do it with one of the small manual epilators. You get the idea. Their size and functionality make them perfect for travelling. If you’ve never brought an epilator to your vacation, just do it and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Doesn’t Just Remove Hair

Some epilators come with fancy extras that could be of use! Some of them have shaving, trimming attachments, face massagers and exfoliating brushes. There are a few types of epilators that remove calluses too. These extras can do wonders to your skin and to your soul. I personally love exfoliating brushes that comes with most of them since cleansing my skin is such a therapeutic procedure. What I truly want to say is that epilators are versatile. Not all of them just remove hair. Investing a little bit more into an epilator might offer other benefits for your skin that you’ll certainly love. Overall, a good investment.

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You Might Be Able to Use It in the Shower

I know that’s something that can make one excited! Epilators are pretty cool, because you can use them in the shower too. I think it eases a person’s life significantly since you can remove hair anywhere and anytime! It’s also very practical just to get to the shower and get all the beauty procedures while in there. Much faster and more convenient. Less painful too!


Epilators are Painful in the Beginning

I think that’s the main reason why many don’t even start epilating. They think it’s painful or they know it’s that way. Epilation is most painful at first when your hair is still quite thick. However, the pain could be eased if you waxed for a couple months before that. The more you use this device, the better it gets. In fact, it will probably get significantly better just after first two times. I, personally, was quite lucky and didn’t really find epilation painful even the first time I tried. Although, I did struggle to even try, because I was simply afraid, at the end it turned out to be great.

Can Be a Big Upfront Investment

Some of the epilators cost up to $100. It might seem like a big investment for such a small device that only removes hairs. However, once you compare the money you spend on a device like that to laser hair removal appointments or waxing kit prices, you’ll realize that it’s not that bad.

Can Irritate Your Skin if Not Used Properly

At the end of the day, epilators are electric devices that have tweezers in them which move at a certain speed. If you don’t use such a gadget safely, it might grip on your skin and cut it. That’s both scary and unnecessary. Therefore, whenever you’re using an epilator, it’s a good idea to taunt your skin and watch it carefully. Be extra careful around the curvy parts, especially the small ones.


I think you now know all the pros and cons of epilators. So, do you still feel like buying one? Or have you changed your mind? Have you already been using epilator and have something to add? Comment below! I’d love to hear more about your own experiences. I am big fan of epilators. Perhaps, I am missing out on something? Just let me know! Take care and have a lovely day, I’ll be waiting for your messages! 😉

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