best hair removal products for women

No matter whether it’s summer or winter time, many of us feel the same about out hairs. Not the ones on head but the ones everywhere else. Do you know that nagging feeling when you just want to remove them so you have that silky-smooth skin that you’ve been dreaming of for so long? I have that feeling too sometimes. I believe it’s important to get to know all the best hair removal products for women that are offered in the market and figure out which hair removal method works best for you as an individual. We are all different at the end of the day. That’s why I wrote this small article.

Best Hair Removal Products for Women


Nice Features

My Rating

Hard wax, comes with a wax warmer

Facial brush, standing charger

Hypo-allergenic blades

Has a microfine comb

Vitamin E, aloe vera

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In case you have no clue about what product you could use to make your life a little bit easier and get rid of that hair nagging you all the time, I have a small list of products that help you to remove hair in different ways. You might be waxing, shaving, epilating or even using depilatory creams to say goodbye to those hairs! It’s all up to you since different options suit different people. These best hair removal products for women, at least in my opinion, will help you to remove hair anyway. They’re all pretty powerful and have their own advantages and disadvantages. To find out more, just keep on reading and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Waxing as a Hair Removal Method

Anyone can wax. You can do it too! However, a lot of women fear to do it themselves since it can get messy and painful. That’s why most of the times they just choose to go and see a professional who’ll the job for them. It’s obviously an option, especially if you’re a beginner, but it’s an expensive one. If you wax yourself at home, you can save tons of money and spend it on other things that can make you happy. Perhaps a nice dress or a new makeup collection. All in all, it’s totally an option with good lasting results.

A wax lasts for up to 3 weeks.

Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit

best waxing kit

This kit is my favorite hard wax kit that’s currently offered in the market. Firstly, it contains everything you need: wax warmer, spatulas, hard wax, pre-epilation oil and post waxing gel. In addition to that, it even has a dvd that teaches you what to do how and when.

For those who don’t know what hard wax is. I’ll quickly explain what’s what and why. There are two types of waxes – soft and hard. Hard wax unlike soft wax doesn’t need strips. You can just use it on its own. Whenever you’re waxing with hard wax, you need to apply a thick layer of melted product so that you’re able to just rip it off with all the hairs stuck in it. It’s not as painful as soft wax and works better on sensitive skin too. However, it might not be as effective as soft wax is due to the way wax is constructed. It works best on bikini area and face.

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Small tip: Use baby powder before waxing to help the product attach to your hair easier.

Epilator for Any Part of Your Body

Epilating is something I’ve been talking about in this blog for a while now. Even though this procedure can be painful in the beginning, its benefits are simply outstanding. First, epilation is semi-permanent hair removal method, because it lasts for up to 4 weeks. That’s because epilators rip out the hairs with their roots preventing them from growing back very fast. That’s not necessarily pleasant, however it does get better with time. Probably one of the best things about these gadgets is that they rarely irritate skin unlike waxing or shaving does.

Epilated area can stay hairless for up to 4 weeks.

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579

best epilator for women

This gadget is cordless and works both in water and dry conditions. It comes with 7 attachments too, which have versatile function that will pamper your skin: shaving head, a trimmer cap, a high frequency massaging cap, a skin contact cap, facial brush and a charging stand. The facial brush is simply a great addition to your skin care routine as it cleans up your pores and gets rid of all the residual makeup. It’s soft and acts well as a massager in case you’re in need of warmth. You can feel comfortable using it in the shower too!

This model also has a wider head that grips on more hair at the same time. That means that epilation can be more painful but much faster too. If you want to be efficient and get rid of the hair in one go, this product might be what you need. It also has nice massaging rollers that numb the pain enough for it to feel ok. If you use it in the shower, the pain is relatively non-existent. However, it’s not as effective either. That can be quite annoying if you ask me. That’s why I usually prefer to use it in dry conditions. This beauty has a pivoting head too. Therefore, it should be easy to get to even most hidden places.

Small tip: Epilate against the grain so that you can lift the hairs and rip them out easier.

Electric Razor as a Hair Removal Option

Electric shavers have become especially popular with bikini area. There are now more and more people who use it to make it all look neat and clean down there. However, electric shavers should be appreciated much more. I personally think that they’re super handy. You can literally have one in your pocket and just use it whenever you want. That’s something that anyone can appreciate. Additionally, you can get one for small price and use for years.

A shave lasts for up to 3 days.

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver

best electric razor for women

A good and affordable electric razor for a lady. You can use it on any part of your body as there is no risk really to cut yourself if you’re careful enough. This gadget has 3 floating blades that will catch whatever hair you have going on in there. It also comes with a pop up trimmer, I think that’s super useful for bikini area. I’m sure not all of you shave, and having a nice trim makes everything much simpler. It doesn’t become scratchy and all that, unlike it does when you shave. Panasonic ES2207P is cordless, so you can use it both in shower and in dry conditions. It comes with a charger too that’s small enough not to get into your way. You’ll get a pouch and a cleaning brush too.

Worried about your sensitive skin, this little gadget has hypo-allergenic blades. They have protective foil covers that prevent irritation. Therefore, you’re good to use this razor anywhere you want really. I like how affordable it is, and it will certainly last you for 2 years if not more. It’s not as fancy as other more expensive razors are, however certainly does the job and more. I’ve never had any irritations or bumps with this one. Worth trying.

Small tip: Exfoliate before you shave.

Regular Razor for Hair Removal

I’m sure there is a ton of you who use razors every day to get rid of the hair. The reason why so many of us are using razors is quite simple. Razors are cheap, it takes seconds to shave that hair and the procedure is pain free. Everything you could dream of! However, there is one slight problem. It doesn’t last long, and hair tends to grow back darker. Moreover, all the sudden it feels like you have more hair than you had before. Do you know that feeling? Nonetheless, shaving is a handy way to remove hair and get that soft, gentle skin fast.

A shave lasts for up to 2-3 days.

Gillette Venus Swirl Women's Razor

best cartridge razor for women

Gillette Venus Swirl is a cartridge razor, which basically means that you can reuse it, and it comes with blade refills that make it easy to do so. Its design is just fabulous but that’s not the only reason why the product itself made it to the list! Ha ha! It’s made to get around tricky areas much easier, and therefore shaving procedure becomes more pleasurable and faster. It also has a MicroFine comb that helps to capture even the shortest hair and guides them to the blades. It helps to get a clean shave you’ve always been dreaming about. It also has a fancy MoistureGlide feature, which is activated when you wet this razor. It provides an overall nice glide that improves shaving experience.

Overall, I just think this razor does its job. I’ve never had irritations after shaving with this one and my legs were happily soft at the time when I was still shaving them. The good thing is that it serves for a long time since you can just change those blades regularly.

Small tip: each time after you shave, soak blades in baby oil. It should help to keep them relatively sharp!

Best Hair Removal Cream for Women

Using a depilatory cream can be very handy since the procedure is pain-free and pretty fast. All you need to do is to apply the cream on wanted area, keep it there for around 10 minutes and use spatula to clean up and get rid of all the hair. It‘s as easy as it sounds. The only problem with depilatory creams is that they‘re high on chemical and you might be allergic. Additionally, buying cream tubes constantly can end up being very expensive.

Hair removal creams last for up to 4 days.

Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream

best depilatory cream

This product contains aloe vera extracts and vitamin E. Aloe vera extract is made of 96% water, proteins and vitamin A, B, C and E. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties, therefore it protects skin from bacteria and reduces inflammation that could be caused by chemical that burn out the hairs. On the other hand, vitamin E acts as a cleansing agent and cleanses all the dirt, grime and other impurities. In that way, it maintains skin‘s oil balance.

Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream is good for sensitive skin, however do remember that this product is made to primarily burn off the hairs. Therefore, allergic reactions and other irritations are possible. To get the best results, I would recommend to leave the cream on your skin for 10 minutes and not for 5 as suggested. The cream truly needs some time to deal with that hair! You can use it for any body area except for face. I do know people who used it for face and haven‘t really noticed any side effects, however dermatologists recommend not to do it. It‘s up to you whether you want to place it safe or not. Ha ha! Also, it has a very strong unpleasant smell. However, that‘s what you would expect from any depilatory cream.

Here is a video so that you have an idea on how to use a depilatory cream. It's not the same product though.

Small tip: when you‘re using this cream, don‘t shower beforehand. It‘s very useful to have some of those natural oils on your skin to prevent it from being irritated.


I hope you liked some of my tips and the best hair removal products for women that I‘ve shared. What hair removal method are you planning on using yourself? Which product from the list would you like to use? Let me know in the comment section as I‘d simply love to find out what Epilator Home audience prefers. I mean we‘re all so different. In case you have any questions, feel free to either contanct me through comments or write to my email. I‘d always love to help someone out! Now have a lovely day and take care! And don‘t forget to keep on removing that hair! Especially if you really don‘t like it! Ha ha!

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