how long do ingrown hairs last

Ingrown hairs can be so annoying! You wax, shave or remove hair in any other way and here they come, ruining the whole picture that was supposed to be beautiful. Sometimes they’re itchy as well. The worst of all is that bad habit of wanting to scratch your skin whenever you have ingrown hairs. I know many of you want to find out how long do ingrown hairs last to finally enjoy soft skin! Here is the answer.

How Long Do Ingrown Hairs Last?

The time for which ingrown hairs last depends on a few factors. Therefore, bumps may stay there anywhere from 1 day to 14 days. I know that’s not a very specific answer. However, if you learn how to treat them properly you can always fasten the healing process.

What Does It Depend On?

Knowing the reasons why ingrown hairs last longer is quite important. If you have them in mind, it’ll be much easier to avoid dealing with rashes or anything else caused by waxing or shaving.

Body Part

The time your bumps will so to say ‘’choose’’ to stay highly depends on your body part. The areas that are more often hidden will suffer for longer since your skin needs to breathe to clear up and get rid of the bumps. That’s the reason why you tend to have ingrown hairs on bikini line longer than on any other part. Sleeping naked can help, though! You may have the same kind of problem with underarms while legs or arms will get smooth, beautiful skin just in a few days.

Skin Type

If you have oily skin, you’re at disadvantage of dealing with ingrown hairs longer than those who have dry skin. Once your body part is inflamed, the excess oil on your skin can clog up pores and slow down the overall healing process. Therefore, having dry skin might as well be an advantage. However, it does get irritated so much more than oily skin once waxed or shaved. That’s the reason why dry skin tends to stay red or itchy for longer than oily skin does. There are both pros and cons to everything.

Are You Treating Them or Not?

I know that sometimes we’re too lazy to do anything about bumps that appear after removing hair. Come on, the whole procedure is already time consuming! However, it does help to use a few natural remedies to get rid of ingrown hair. I know that some of us are too lazy to search for recipes and then follow them to make something that would help with them. You can always buy ingrown hair minimizing creams or lotions that will do the job.

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Tips to Remove or Prevent Ingrown Hair

Here are some of my own advice for how to get rid of ingrown hairs once you have them. Many of these tips apply for preventing them too. As you’ll notice, the things you have to do are quite simple but they can make a huge difference to your skin condition in just days.

Don’t Touch Your Skin

I know it’s very hard not to touch your skin, especially when it comes to affected areas. All you want to do is see what happened there. Sadly, our fingers touch a lot of different things and slowly pile up bacteria that then is transferred to the areas you touch. Ingrown hair is a sign of inflammation and you need to be extremely careful around it. If bacteria reach it, they might as well just make things worse by further inflaming skin. If you’ve been dealing with bumps for a while now, fiddling with your skin is most likely the reason. Make sure to wash your hands before touching affected areas or letting anyone else do it.

Wear Loose Clothing

There are a few reasons why wearing loose clothing is important. Firstly, it lets your skin breathe and that improves an overall healing process. Secondly, it doesn’t irritate skin as much as tight clothing does. That especially applies to bikini area that is constantly covered with underwear. Irritating bumps on your skin further can result in rashes and itching skin. Better wear loose clothing and sleep naked!


Removing dead cells is important at any time. In order to prevent hair bumps that come after hair removal, you should always exfoliate a day before. Getting rid of dead cells helps to reach the bottom of the hair much easier without cutting the skin. It overall improves your chances of not getting ingrown hairs. Exfoliation is generally good for skin since it helps to remove whatever your skin doesn’t need any more and helps pores to cleanse. Your skin will stay shiny and simply beautiful.

There are a few ways to exfoliate. You can either use an exfoliation glove or a brush. However, many choose to do it chemically and use exfoliating scrubs. I personally like to do it naturally. Coffee and sugar are great at removing those dead cells! A very good way to exfoliate is just to use a loofah while showering or bathing. A practical way to do it for a lazy person!

Keep Your Skin Clean

I know it’s obvious but once you have bumps on your skin, you need to wash the area more often than usual. It might be a good idea to check your soap ingredients as well. Anything plain without artificial scents could do just fine. I often like to make my own soap so just to keep my skin moisturized since it’s so dry. There are medical soaps/creams that you can use for washing your skin. They keep the moisture in, therefore skin still has the means to healing. That applies to those who have dry skin mostly.


I hope you enjoyed my small post! Do you have an idea now of how long do ingrown hairs last? Test your body, follow the tips and you should be able to avoid having those red bumps for too long!