We use razors on daily basis as it often seems like a good and fast method to get rid of a small patch of hair or even all hair on our body. The top reason why people prefer this method to any other is the fact that it’s relatively pleasant. There is pretty much no pain involved unless you manage to cut yourself. Don’t tell us that’s never happened to you! Even though this method offers us a pretty enjoyable way of hair removal it very often causes bumps that look bad on your skin and are usually painful. That is a big problem especially for those who have sensitive skin. Here are some of the tips on how to prevent razor bumps.

How to Prevent Razor Bumps In These Simple Ways

You will be surprised by how easy it actually is to avoid razor bumps. If you follow these steps, your skin will look wonderfully better!

Clean Your Skin

Sounds simple ha? But how many times have you actually taken your time just before the shaving to properly clean your skin and remove of all those dead unwanted cells and dust that get into the way of your razor? After shaving all of that may clog up your pores causing the unwanted bumps. No, thank you! In order to properly clean your skin, you could use exfoliant scrub. They are relatively cheap and do wonders to your skin!

Clean Your Razor

Don’t be lazy to clean your razor. It’s simply not cool! Not cleaning your razor has the same effect as not cleaning your skin. At the end of the day it’s dust and who knows what else that ends up on your skin. You truly don’t want to clog your pores if smooth healthy skin is your priority.

Replace Razor Blades Regularly

You want have a sharp blade, because otherwise your razor will fail to do its job. At the end of the day it is supposed to cut your hair as closely to your skin as possible. If it is not sharp enough, it means that you will need to go over the same area of your skin several times and that is exactly what causes your skin to be irritated. It does not want to feel that metal more than once or twice! You have to be understandable and treat your skin as it was a separate living being (we are joking obviously)!

Want More Tips On How To Avoid Razor Bumps?

how to prevent razor bumps

Shave Along the Hair Growth Direction

That is one of the essential tips for the not attentive ones. Often we don’t even think about the direction we shave our legs, our face or armpits (basically whatever you want it to be). However, it is very important to examine your skin and the direction your hair grows. What is the advantage of shaving like that? You will not irritate your skin and cut hair as near the surface as possible. It mainly happens because your razor actually cuts the hair and is no longer hungry to bite your skin!

Don’t Press Down the Razor

The big mistake a lot of people do is that they press the razor so hard as if they actually wanted to cut their skin. Of course they don’t but the end result could be just like that! Try to be gentle. If a razor is sharp enough, it will cut that hair with ease.

Use A Good Shaving Cream

Shaving creams are absolutely essential. The more you apply the happier your skin will be! There is absolutely no need to save on it! The better shaving creams that markets offer are glycerin-based. Glycerin is simply wonderful! It moisturises your skin and since you apply from the beginning, it prepares your skin. Please try to avoid methol and benzocaine  – both of them tend to clog pores and cause bumps! In addition to that, you can make natural shaving cream yourself.

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Wash Off Shaving Foam With Cold Water

The reason why we recommend to use cold water. What cold water does is that it closes your pores. Bacteria then cannot enter them and your skin is then safe from infections. In addition to that, you will no longer suffer from rashes and irritated skin. Simple as that! Don’t forget to wash your body parts with cold water!

Moisturise Moisturise and Once Again Moisturise!

If there is hair growing in a certain part of your body, the last thing they want to do is to go away. You should not be surprised if that makes your skin feel weird! However, moisturising your skin will help you out quite a lot! There are many different creams in that market to choose from. Feel free to use any kind of cream that has moisturising features.

For Men – User Aftershave!

Since face is one of the more sensitive part of your body, you need to take extra care of it. After all, everyone can see what is happening with your skin. If it is smooth and shiny, it will make you look more attractive and you will certainly feel better! Why do you need to use aftershave?What it does is it numbs your skin and prevents the possible infections! Overall, it is more like an extra protection!

Shave Only Every Other Day To Avoid Razor Bumps

Skin is a fragile organ. It will not change! We recommend for you to shave only when you feel the need. Only in this we we can ensure that your skin will be free of bumps!

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Extra Tips

We most sincerely hope that these tips will help you with your future shaving endeavours! Even though they seem very simple, you can easily forget them. Especially nowadays when we just try to do everything as fast as possible. Time is money, isn’t it? In case you have any questions or ideas about how to prevent razor bumps, please feel free to comment below or contact us! We will answer your questions and perhaps even add up new tips to our article! Sharing information is powerful and makes everyone so much happier!