wet shaving tips

The very first hair removal method that I tried was shaving. I chose it mostly due to the fact that it’s pretty much painless if you do it the right way. In addition to that, it’s very cheap. All I had to do was buy a razor and borrow some shaving cream from my father. I think I firstly I tried it on my underarms. What do you think were the results? Well of course, I cut myself and got bumps afterwards. The reason was that I didn’t really know how to do it properly. At the time I just tried and failed quite often. However, I was smart enough to copy my father and started using his shaving cream. That was a great decision. With time I’ve learnt how to shave and that’s why I’d like to share a few of my wet shaving tips.

Wet Shaving Tips for Both Ladies and Guys


I know I keep on repeating myself about exfoliation. However, it’s so important and simply essential. Exfoliation should be a part of any skin care routine. Wondering how to exfoliate your body? It’s simple, all you need to do is find the right tools and use them. I’m talking about either chemical or mechanical exfoliants. In addition to that, you’re more than welcome to use natural products in your kitchen! One of them could be coffee!

Have a Warm Shower

If you haven’t already learnt, warm showers are the kings of beautiful skin. Warm water opens up skin pores and helps to get rid of all the dust, dirt inside them. Clean skin is the key to having a good shaving experience. That applies for both women and men.

Spread Shaving Cream All Over Your Skin

I know that many of us assume that badger shaving brushes can only be used by men. That‘s not true! Absolutely not true! I stole a brush of that kind from my boyfriend and tried it on my legs. It simply works great. They way you can spread shaving cream on your skin, it‘s simply beautiful! It makes it so much easier to shave all of that hair as well. Ladies, a badger shaving brush is a must! J In addition, if you want to use something natural instead of a cream, try one of my natural shaving cream recipes.

Use a Razor to Shave

Obvious! Isn’t it? However, there is one thing you need to note down. Make sure that your blades are always sharp. I know it may seem that you may cut yourself but that‘s not really true. The sharper the blades, the easier they can cut the hair. Simple as that.

Wash Off Whatever is Left with Cold Water

I think from that sentence the important part is cold water. Why should you use cold water instead of warm water to wash away all of the cream? It closes the pores that we’ve kind of opened with warm water and protects us from unwanted skin infections that could be caused by cuts. It also feels nice and refreshing, doesn’t it?

Use Aftershave Balm or Essential Oils

As many of you guys do, use aftershave balm. It reduces the feeling of shave burn, protects skin from bacteria in case you accidentally cut it. In addition to that, it improves your confidence and makes you simply smell lovely! Most of us, ladies, don’t use any aftershave really. If it’s your body that you’re shaving, I’d recommend you to use an essential oil that has anti-inflammatory properties. I usually use chamomile and eucalyptus essential oils. I usually mix them with coconut or almond oil. You could also use juniper, camphor and vetiver.

Moisturize Your Skin

Doesn’t it simply feel good when you use a cream to moisturize your skin? Don’t you love the feeling when you rub it in and massage your skin? I certainly do. In addition to feeling good it also contributes to relaxing your skin and muscles. Keeping a certain level of moisture is important as well. We should moisturize every day indeed. That’s simply a must.

What Not to Do

There are a few shaving mistakes that we often make. It’s important to know what they are! I know myself, when I first started shaving, I was doing the most stupid things sometimes. One of them was shaving with soap. You’ll find out why you shouldn’t do but let’s now talk about the most common mistakes we make.

Shave Over Skin Patches Without Cream On It

Imagine, you spend all of that time spreading the cream all over your skin. It’s extremely important to cover all of the patches of hair you want to get rid of. Otherwise, when you shave, it’s super easy to cut areas that have no cream on them. Cuts result in bleeding and possible infections. That’s neither pleasurable nor safe.

Hold Razor Incorrectly

When you’re shaving, it’s important to hold the razor you’re using correctly. How to know whether you’re doing it right? Just take a look at your skin. Shaving shouldn’t result in cuts. In a sense, you should actually feel pleasure and enjoy the overall process. Whenever the angle is wrong, the procedure becomes so much worse, because you cut yourself. As long as it feels right, you’re holding it correctly. Actually, it also helps to prevent razor bumps .

Use too Much Pressure

I know that whenever we start shaving, we want to get rid of every single hair that’s on our body. Don’t you think so? That’s kind of a problem though, because we start pushing our razors too hard against our skin. Don’t get me wrong, applying a certain amount of pressure is essential if you want to remove that hair. However, trying too hard can end up badly. All in all, just be careful! It’s your skin that you’re taking care of after all! How to know when you’re crossing the line? Once again, trust your pain sensors and make sure that you’re not cutting your skin. If you are, you’re certainly doing it wrong.

Shave With Soap

Shaving with soap is a big no no! You should never use regular soap to shave your hair. First of all, it’s not created to shave with but to wash your skin. Second of all, it dries out your skin and shaving itself dehydrates skin already. Soap can only make it worse. Therefore, stay away from it when it comes to shaving and use shaving cream instead. If you don’t like to get products like that from the shop, you can always make a shaving cream yourself.

Share the Same Razor with Someone Else

Whenever you’re shaving, believe it or not, you remove some dead skin cells. In addition to that, your razor collects bacteria that’s on your skin. All of us have different colonies of bacteria on our skin and some of them can be dangerous to other people. What I basically mean is that exchanging bacteria in that way can be very dangerous since you can easily cut your skin and microbes can easily get into your blood stream. That can cause infection and all sorts of diseases. Hence, be clever and keep your razor to yourself. 😉

Shave Against the Grain

The major mistake many ladies and men do is shaving against the grain. I’ve even read some articles about wet shaving tips that offered to do that. However, that’s a big no! You should shave in the same direction your hair grows. Otherwise, you’ll irritate your skin and cause ingrown hair. In order to shave in the right direction, just examine your body for some time, notice how your hair is growing and shave accordingly. Sometimes shaving is all about paying attention to detail and listening to your body.

Any More Shaving Tips?

Hence, I hope you enjoyed my wet shaving tips. Do you have any other ideas? Perhaps you do something differently? Let me know in the comment section, I’m eager to hear what’s your shaving routine. In addition to that, if you have some tips for Epilator Home audience, it would be great if you could share some of that knowledge with all of us. We simply want to learn and take care of our skin a bit better. Isn’t that true? Therefore, don’t be shy and simply shine in our comment section. Ha ha! I guess I’m just eager to start an interesting conversation about shaving! Have a lovely day!