should you shave before or after a shower?

Knowing when is the right time to shave is very important for both men and women. Following the right procedure can often result in bump free skin and overall in healthier looks. I suppose that‘s something that we all want. That‘s probably mostly the reason why I‘m even writing this article. So.... Should you shave before or after a shower? What do you think? I‘ll try to answer this question as clearly as possible. 🙂

For Women

I know that women mostly shave legs and underarms. In other words, much larger areas than for example men. However, there are a lot of men who actually shave their arms but about that later. Obviously, legs or even underarms are not as sensitive as face. Therefore, it‘s perfectly fine to shave either before or after shower. It‘s not likely that your skin will end up bumpy. I truly don‘t think so. ALTHOUGH, it‘s a part of good routine to start with a warm shower since it softens pores and cleans up skin. As a result of that, a razor can get very near the skin and cut hair without irritating skin. All in all, it‘s mostly your choice depending on how sensitive your skin is.

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For Men

I think the answer to this question is a bit more complicated. It greatly depends on what body part you seek to shave. If it‘s face, then a warm shower beforehand is probably essential. Men tend to have large pores on their face and getting rid of all that dirt that is stored in them is important. You‘ll get better shave and stay bump free. I‘d recommend the same for more intimate parts. However, if you want to shave your legs or arms, taking a shower afterwards will be more than ok.

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shaving routine for men

Should You Shave Before or After Shower – Summary

For Women

  • Sensitive areas like underarms and bikini line - shower beforehand (not strictly necessary
  • Showering before shaving legs or arms isn't necessary

For Men

  • Showering before shaving face or pubic area is A MUST
  • Taking a shower before shaving arms or legs isn't necessary.                                                        

Shower Before Shaving Should Be Warm

The whole idea for having a shower before shaving is that it can soften pores and let go of all the dust and dirt. That helps to get nearer the skin, roots and therefore results in a cleaner shave. In addition to that, razor doesn't irritate skin as much since most of the dead cells are washed off as well. Obviously, don’t overdo it with overly hot water since your skin will end up being red and shaving will irritate it even more.

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Shower After Shaving Should Be Cold

The goal of having a shower after shaving is that it should protect you from the small skin infections that then result in ingrown hairs. Cold water is good at doing that for a few reasons. First of all, it soothes skin by cooling it down and helps with skin irritations. Second of all, it closes pores and ensures that no bacteria will sneak in and cause infections.

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What You Use in the Shower Matters

If you take a warm shower before starting your shaving routine, it’s great! Although, using the right soap in the shower is as important. Chemicals tend to irritate skin significantly especially when it comes to shaving. I’d highly recommend using natural or fragrance free soap no matter when you take your shower. There are quite a few good brands that perfectly suit sensitive dry skin and even moisturize it! In addition to that, be careful if you’re using loofahs. They are great at exfoliating skin but overdoing it just before shaving can significantly displease your skin. Same goes for showering after shaving. When your skin is irritated, you want to soothe it.

Best Way to Shave to Avoid Razor Bumps

The perfect shaving routine starts with you going to the shower. Enjoying warm water for a bit and using natural moisturizing soap. It‘s probably better not to use any loofahs. In addition to that, I wouldn‘t recommend using moisturizing body lotions or creams right after the shower. Once you get out of the shower, you should dry out your skin as well as possible and then start shaving. When it comes to shaving, depending on your skin type, it‘s important to choose the right shaving cream. You can even make one yourself. Natural shaving creams tend to have more moisturizing properties and they nourish skin pretty well. I have a few recipes here. Once you‘re finished, you should wash all the cream off with cold water and apply moisturizing cream. Additionally, you can use natural oils to soothe your skin.

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How Your Shaving Routine Should Look Like

  • Get to the bathroom
  • Take a warm shower or a bath
  • Use natural soaps, avoid cheap shower gels that are full of chemicals
  • Try not to use loofahs, then you'll less likely irritate your skin
  • Dry out your skin with a soft towel. Be soft
  • Get your razor and some shaving cream
  • Shave
  • Wash off the leftovers of cream with cold water
  • Wash your razor with warm water
  • Apply moisturizing cream or aftershave lotion

Thank You for Reading!

I hope you enjoyed my overall tips and I do hope I answered your question. So should you shave before or after a shower? What are you going to do? Please let me know, I’m quite curious to find out what fellow human beings prefer to do. In case you have any questions, please comment below. I’m always here to answer them. It’s very easy to take care of your skin if you do things the right way. I know it may feel like a waste of time following the exact procedures for hair removal. However, it’s worth it. Believe me!