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Waxing! What a lovely word, isn’t it? Does it associate with good things too? Some will say yes and others – no. It all depends on a person and his experiences. Anyway, waxing can be a pleasant procedure if done right and with good products. However, that’s something, I’m sure, we’ve struggle with before. I’ve spent a lot of time searching until I found the right products to remove hair for myself. It’s hard to know what will suit your skin and your needs. I wanted to help you out a bit and arrange my own list of the products that I think are worth attention. I hope you’ll find the best wax for hair removal fyou’re free to use each item on any part of your body. I do mention what they’re suitable for in descriptions.

Best Wax for Hair Removal - Short Summary


Nice Features


Good for sensitive areas

Blue color


Fast to use

For any part of body

Good for coarse hair

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Best Wax for Facial Hair Removal

Here is one wax product that works well on face. Feel free to use it for your bikini area too since it works well on sensitive skin.

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GiGi Facial Honee For Delicate Skin

best wax for facial hair removal

If you’ve been waxing for a while, you probably know GiGi wax brand. They create different products both for professionals and ordinary people who want to remove hair at home. The company opened in 1972 and their motto is “Good things come to those who wax”. Overall, a nice brand with good looking products that are getting more and more popular. One of them - GiGi Facial Honee For Delicate Skin. This wax, as you’ve probably already realized, has been created to remove hair from upper lip, chin and eyebrows. It does wonders with delicate skin and tends to irritate it less. I think it’s pretty good for bikini area too since that part is extra sensitive. Quite easy to remove hair in small patches.

You’ll get quite enough of it too – 14 oz. If you use it mostly for face, it will last long for sure. You don’t need too much of it either. However, you’ll have to buy your own waxing strips. GiGi recommends using Muslin Epilating Strips (obviously, made by them), however that’s not necessary. Just buy the strips that get attached to the wax quite well and make sure to cut them into smaller pieces before using. That’s especially important for delicate areas.

Best Wax for Pubic Hair Removal

Here are two hard wax products that will come to use on your bikini line. Hard wax is usually quite good for delicate areas like that since it’s not as painful. It irritates skin less too. However, it doesn’t always remove all the hairs but that’s not necessarily important when it comes to pubic areas.

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Cirepil Blue Wax

best wax for bikini hair removal

Ideal for overall waxing. Cirepil Blue Wax is made by a French company Perron Rigot. It was founded in 1936 and they’ve been trying to improve their waxing products ever since. Cirepil Blue Wax showcases the quality this manufacturer tries to create. It comes in a 14.11 oz. (400 grams) tin that will last for some time. It works for all body areas really, not just bikini line. However, since it’s a hard wax, I feel like it does extremely well on pubic area. This wax has a bit higher price than other products though. However, the quality speaks for itself.

Since it’s hard wax, you’ll need to apply quite a thick layer of it on your skin. On the bright side, it doesn’t use any strips, so you’ll save on them! What I like about Cirepil Blue Wax is that it catches all the hairs in one go. I never need to wax the same area twice. That means that the skin gets less irritated. All in all, one of the best products (if not the best) out there, does its job extremely well. I recommend it for those who know what they’re doing since they can wax more efficiently and use the same tin for longer. Melt it with a wax heater or just a microwave. Be careful with the latter one though.

Surgi-wax Brazilian Waxing Kit

best wax for pubic hair removal

This product comes in a pack of 3 four-ounce boxes (around 113 grams each), 3 spatulas and a small jar of pre-epilation oil. Pre-epilation oil is supposed to help for those with sensitive skin. It simply hinders wax from adhering to the skin. However, don’t use too much of it, because it’ll struggle to catch your hair. After all, it’s oil. The less oil you apply, the better the results will be. What’s good about this wax is that you can easily microwave it and since it comes in smaller amounts, you can easily manage it. In addition to that, each tin has a small handle that’s super helpful when you want to take the wax out of microwave and start applying it to your skin. I’ve burnt myself doing that so many times! Finally, someone thought about it!

This wax can be quite painful, so make sure to apply some of that oil. However, you’ll feel like it’s totally worth it. After all, it does remove all the hairs and rips them out. Additionally, you won’t need any strips for this one. You’ll notice that instructions say that. However, using muslin strips might be helpful with the overall procedure. Test it out and see what suits you better.

Best Wax for Underarm Hair Removal

I personally like using wax strips for my underarms since I have to remove hair from this area quite often. It can be quite tiresome to melt wax and get those strips each time I need to get my underarms done. Therefore, I usually just go with strips and cut them into small pieces. The results I get are as good as with normal wax.

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Nad's Body Wax Strips

best wax for underarm hair removal

Although not everyone is positive about this product, I’ve found it super helpful and effective on my underarms. I wax my armpits very often, and I cannot bother using actual wax sometimes. Therefore, I often just buy these strips – cut them into small pieces and use them to rip that hair out. When it comes to waxing strips, what I’ve realized was that the cheaper the strips – the better they work. I don’t know why it’s that way, but more expensive products have softer wax that doesn’t keep my hairs tight enough to rip them out.

These waxing strips work well on my underarms when I wax in small patches. However, they’re not so good for other parts of my body. You can use them on bikini line too. Although, you shouldn’t expect entirely clean wax. I think it works well for those who just expect it to remove some of the hairs down there. They come with 4 oil wipes that you’re supposed to use after each procedure. You also get 20 strips in one package, which is quite good if you’re only using it for underarms or pubic area. One box will probably last you for a couple of months.

Best Wax for Leg Hair Removal

Here are some of the products that will work well on your legs. Will rip out even the shortest and fairest hair without a problem. You can use both of these waxes for any other big body part that has coarse hair.

GiGi All Purpose Honee

best wax for leg hair removal

GiGi All Purpose Honee wax sticks well to anything. When I say anything, I mean both hairs and your carpet. Therefore, stay clear from it and make sure to have a plastic bag or a few newspapers under your body whenever you’re about to wax your legs or any other area. It’s super sticky but that’s what you really want to get the best final results. The wax comes in a 14 oz (396 grams) tin. Therefore, depending on what body part you’re going to wax, it will last for different amount of time.

In addition to buying this product, you’ll also need to get some strips since it’s a soft wax. However, that also means that you’ll have to apply a thinner layer of wax to your skin. Your tin will last longer. That’s good news, isn’t it? Make sure to follow the right waxing procedures with this product and get the temperature right when applying the wax to your skin. Good waxing product can easily fail at doing its job if used improperly. All in all, a good product for large parts of body.

BodyHonee Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit

best wax for hair removal

BodyHonee was found in 1980 and its goal has always been to create natural, cruelty free hair removal products that work well on skin without irritating it. This product, unlike others that I’ve recommended, shouldn’t be used on sensitive areas at all. However, it does wonders with coarse hair and lets you have smooth skin for up to 6 weeks. That’s the reason why, I think, it’s great for legs. One waxing kit includes 10 oz. (283 grams) of wax, 10 waxing strips, 2 wooden spatulas and 2 oil wipes to take off the leftover wax.

This wax is great for men too! Those with hairy chests will probably be quite happy to use a product like this one. It’s also easy to heat up since you only need to microwave it for a minute or two. The strips you get are strong too. Therefore, even the coarsest hair won’t be scary to this wax. Once again, it’s one of those powerful, almost cruel waxes that you need to use carefully. Prepare your skin before the procedure and you should be fine.

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How to Prepare Your Skin for Waxing

I know I’ve been constantly saying that you need to prepare your skin for the procedure if you want to get the best waxing results. You can get the best wax for hair removal but if you don’t prepare your skin beforehand, you might end up with bumps and unnecessary irritations. Therefore, here are some of the things you should do before waxing.


Keeping your skin and your pores clean is essential in day-to-day life. Removing hair from dirty, dusty or simply unhealthy skin can be dangerous. Hair removal isn’t a natural procedure. It’s irritating and your skin can only get worse. Therefore, keeping it clean protects you from all unnecessary inflammations that could be caused by bacteria after you remove hair. There are different ways to cleanse your skin. If it’s your face, use steam to open the pores or buy a cleanser in the shop. There are also a lot of natural products that cleanse skin and help it to look younger. One of them – apple cider vinegar.


Exfoliating is simply magical and you should do it as often as you like. It’s also very therapeutic. There are different types of exfoliation and you can do it in the way you want depending on how much time you have. I personally like to use a loofah in the bathroom to spread shower gel all over my body. It’s also a good way to get rid of all that dead skin that no longer serves any purpose. Super-fast and easy! Does wonders when it comes to hair removal since wax can get closer to hair roots and rip those hairs out easier.

Use Tea Tree Oil a Day Before

Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Applying it a day before or even early in the morning can protect your skin from bacteria that could potentially sneak into your pores after waxing and cause inflammation. Mix it with water and massage it into your skin.


Keeping your skin moist is essential to it being healthy. A certain level of moist improves healing and makes your skin shiny. There a lot of ways to moisturize your skin. You can either use a cream, a mask or make something yourself. Greek yoghurt, mayonnaise, coconut oil, etc. The list of products that can level up your moisture levels is infinite. All you need to do is open your fridge!

Take a Warm Shower

Just before getting your body wax, it’s a good idea to take a warm shower. Warm steam and water tends to soften pores letting them open and let go of dust and dirt. When your pores are like that, wax can reach the roots of your hairs easier and trap them. Ripping the hairs out becomes so much more efficient!

Dry Your Skin

You obviously want to put wax on dry skin. Otherwise, it will struggle to catch those hairs! That’s simply common sense, isn’t it? Additionally, drying yourself out with towels helps you to get that last experience of exfoliation just before the procedure. It truly prepares your skin for that hair removal.


I hope you enjoyed the article. Finding the best wax for hair removal shouldn't be a problem anymore! Enjoy your day and take care!