how often should I wax legs

I’m sure many of you who have been waxing or would like to wax are wondering how long their smooth skin should stay that way. It’s truly a tricky question and often depends on many factors. However, knowing what’s the typical time is handy because you can figure out whether you’re doing it the right way. So how often should I wax my legs? I’ll try to answer this questions as well as give a few legs waxing tips to help you keep your legs smooth for longer.

How Often Should I Wax My Legs?

Obviously, all of us girls or boys are hairy at different levels. Therefore, it’s only natural that it takes different amount of time for each person to grow hair back. Those with fairer hair will notice that their hair doesn’t grow back for longer than those with darker, thicker hair. Whenever I wax it takes me around 4 weeks before I feel the need to wax again. I have fair hair, though. I also don’t mind having some of the hairs on my legs. You can barely see them anyway.

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However, I know that other people are much more particular and some of them have darker hair too. That’s the reason why they want their legs to be smooth and hairless all the time. If you are one of them, it’s completely normal but also more sophisticated. It probably means that you’ll need to wax every 2-3 weeks depending on how hairy you are and hair growth speed.

You’ll need to wax every 2-4 weeks depending on your hair type.


How Long Do Waxed Legs Stay Smooth?

Yet again the period of smooth legs differs for everyone. It depends on how well you waxed (I’ll talk about that later), what’s your hair growth speed and how many hairs you have actually ripped out. Some of the hairs are still under your skin when you’re waxing, especially if it’s not the first time, and wax simply doesn’t catch them. Therefore, they grow out much faster than other hair. That’s the reason why waxing doesn’t last long at all sometimes. More about that here.

Yet again your legs can stay smooth anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

How to Keep Legs Smooth for Longer?

There are a few tricks, if you can call them that way, that will help you to extend the period between waxing. They’re simple and make a lot of sense.

Wait for Hair to Grow Back to Around One-fourth of an Inch

I know that many of you don’t like to wait, especially for hair to grow back to this length. That’s natural and understandable. However, waiting for a little bit longer and letting that hair grow back increases your chances of smooth skin staying longer that way. That’s mostly because you want as many hairs as possible to grow out of skin. Otherwise, once you wax, the hairs that’ve been hiding under your skin, will just grow out in a week and you’ll need to wax again. It’s a circle, I know! However, patience is the key to success here!

Wax Your Legs in Smaller Patches

I always found that waxing any part of my body in big patches made it quite painful. At the time, I thought that waxing in smaller patches should be easier and less painful. I was right. What I didn’t quite expect was the fact that I could rip out more of my hair out. That obviously made me very happy! Whenever I wax now, I cut strips into smaller pieces, then apply wax and use cut strips to rip out my hair. I think that’s especially useful for women who are often afraid to rip the strip and stop in the middle of the way. Obviously, it takes more time but it’s worth it.

Legs Waxing Tips

Here are some of the simple tips you should follow when removing hair. For some they could be obvious, for others – not so much. Take a look to have a feeling where you stand.

Exfoliate as Often as You Can

I talk about exfoliation all the time and how important it really is to everyone out there. What exfoliation does is it removes dead skin cells that no longer serve any purpose. That becomes super useful when you’re waxing since the wax itself can catch hair easier and then rip them out. It also lets wax get nearer the roots so a bigger part of the hairs get trapped and then removed. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

How to Exfoliate?

There are a few exfoliating methods. You can either use a scrub or a few natural products from your kitchen, or just buy a body brush. I personally prefer to use a loofah while I’m showering, it creates foam that I can spread all over my body and removes dead skin cells while I’m scrubbing it in. I don’t even feel like I’m exfoliating.

exfoliating loofahs

The loofahs I use 🙂

Make Sure You Have Enough Time to Wax

Wax in rushing hands just doesn’t work. Taking your time when removing hair is simply essential. Otherwise you may end up sticky with wax on your legs and all over the place. Additionally, if you are new to this art, it probably makes even more sense to take your time. When I first waxed, it was a disaster. Simply have in mind that this procedure takes time no matter how good you are at it.

Apply Wax in the Direction of Hair Growth

Make sure you spread wax all over your legs in the direction of hair growth so that it traps not only the tips of the hairs but all of them. Put on the strip following the same direction too.

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Pull the Strip in the Opposite Direction of Hair Growth

When it comes to ripping out your hair, you need to be brutal and fast. It’s very important to rip it against the direction of hair growth so that you take all of them out. Otherwise they might just stay there on your skin, untouched. So just sit down and make sure you know what direction you’re going! Enjoy ;).

how often should I wax my legs

Clean Up and Moisturise

Obviously, at the end you probably just want to clean up and get going. I usually use some oil to get rid of all leftover wax and apply some moisturizing cream. That’s pretty much it.

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Here is How You Can Wax Your Legs​

For those who prefer visual information 🙂 Quite a lovely video that shows how to wax legs with coarse hair.​


How often should I wax my legs? Do you now have an answer to this question? I hope you do! Just watch your body and test your limits. I'm sure you'll figure out when to wax and where!