how long does waxing last

How long does waxing last? That’s a question that I’ve interpreted in two ways. If I managed to think that, there most certainly must be a person who thought that too. Therefore, I’ll answer both interpretations and explain you what affects those times.

How Long Does the Waxing Procedure Last?

How long a waxing procedure will last mostly depends on whether you’re doing it at home or in the salon. A professional can do it much faster than a simple human being like me or you. However, here is the approximate time you’ll need to wax each body part.

Body Part

Time It Takes to Wax (minutes)









Bikini area




Upper lip


How Long Does Waxing Last After Procedure?

How long you wax will last depends on many factors. However, if everything is done write, it should last for around 4-5 weeks. Although, the reality is a bit different most of the times. I’ll explain the reasons why. I’ve done a few tests myself and noticed that waxing lasts for different time on different body parts. I’ll share my numbers. However, please do remember that times depend on a person and how waxing is done.

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How Long Waxing Results Last for Me

Body Part

The Time Results Last (weeks)







Bikini area


I’ve settled down with Nair waxing strips. I live in UK but cannot find them anywhere anymore, therefore I buy them online most of the time. I don’t think you can find them on Amazon either. They’re the cheapest and by far the best waxing strips I’ve tried so far. I wasn’t successful with Veet or other brands. I love using waxing strips for the practicality and speed. I do wax with hard and soft wax but leave it for more special occasions or when I have time.

What Does It Depend On?

The hair growth speed depends on quite a few factors that you need to consider. It’s hard to speak exact numbers but they’ll give you an idea on what to expect.

Body Part

Perhaps you’ve noticed yourself, perhaps you haven’t but hair growth speed depends on the body part. I’ve personally noticed that my pubic hair, since they’re so much thicker, grow back much faster than hair on any other part of my body. My arm or leg hair tend to grow back so much slower since they’re so thin and fair – all pretty much blonde. All in all, the thickness of hair on each body part will beautifully tell you how long it’ll take for them to grow back. The thicker the hair, the more often you’ll need to wax.

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How Many Times You Have Waxed Before

The more you wax, the less likely the hair are to grow back. Why? Whenever you wax, you rip out your hair and with time your hair follicle gets damaged. That means that gradually fewer and fewer hairs grow back. Therefore, whenever you wax it takes longer and longer for hair to come back to its place. The idea is that eventually hair will not grow back anymore and you won’t need to wax anymore. However, that will probably take ages but it’s possible.

Hair Breakage

Many of us forget but a lot of times when we wax, we actually just break the hairs but don’t pull out the roots. There are a few reasons why that happens. First of all, you’re either using bad waxing strips or wax or applying it wrong. Second of all, your hair is too short and wax cannot trap them well enough to pull out roots. Third of all, you’re applying wax on moist or oily skin. You cannot expect wax to pull out all the hair roots in such conditions.

Person’s Overall Hair Growth Speed

All of us are different. Some of us are hairier, others not so much. Therefore, it’s perfectly normal that for someone it’s good enough to wax once a month and forget about hair while another person must do it every 2 weeks. People who have darker hair tend to need to wax more often while those with fair hair don’t have to worry about waxing that often.

Hair growth also depends on testosterone levels. Therefore, men do need to remove hair more often than women.

Hair Growth Cycle

There are three stages at which hair can be: growing, resting and transition. Most of the hairs (80-90%) at any given time are in the growing stage, 10-15% - resting and the rest are in transition. You might be waxing while your hair may be growing under your skin. That certainly means that you won’t be able to catch that hair. However, it will grow out of the skin and that could happen even the next day after waxing.

What Wax You Have Been Using

Choosing appropriate type of wax can be essential to prolonging waxing results. Here are some of the tips that will guide you when choosing what wax to use for which part.

Hard Wax

Hard wax isn’t always the best choice since you can only use it in small patches, otherwise it breaks apart. It’s best for small areas such as underarms, upper lip and chin. I do recommend using it on bikini line. That’s not because it will be most effective on this body part but because it will probably be least painful.

Soft Wax

Soft wax can be very messy but if you learn the art of waxing it can bring great results. It’s most effective and most painful amongst all but you can use it for large body parts. Soft wax will prolong the results the most on any body part.

Waxing Strips

Waxing strips are very useful and practical. Especially when you’re in a rush. However, they’re not good at removing hair from large body parts. They don’t catch fair hair that well either. They’re quite effective on small parts that tend to have thick hair – underarms and pubic area.


How long does waxing last? I hope you have a good idea now and found this little article useful!