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Waxing is one of the oldest hair removal procedures that women used even in Ancient times. No wonder why so many people love this method and use it to remove hair from the areas where that hair shouldn’t be. While waxing is great and provides with long lasting results, doing it right is extremely important.  Additionally, doing it without messing up your whole place can be helpful. I think wax warmers make hair removal procedures much more pleasant. That’s why I’d love to share a list of the best wax warmer kits I and my friends use. Moreover, I’ll share a few tips on how to do it more efficiently.

What’s the Best Wax Warmer?

Here is a list of wax warmers that I think work quite well. I’ve tried to think about the advantages and disadvantages each device has. I hope it helps you to get an idea on what wax warmer you need. Anyway, all of them should make your life much easier if you have to wax regularly and use microwave. Microwaves are simply not meant for wax warming!

Wax Warmer



Transparent lid, works well.

Easy control over temperature

Made from heat resistant plastic

Melts wax fast

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GiGi Wax Warmer

GiGi is a well-known brand that’s been around since 1972. They consistently reinvent the art of waxing and seek to improve experience of those who remove hair that way. I am personally a big fan of GiGi products since they never let me down with their quality. They are not too expensive either and that’s why many people keep on coming back to their products.

This wax warmer has a protective cover that you can see through. It’s useful to see what’s happening inside since you can then avoid contamination. The wax warmer provides you with thermostat-controlled heating. What that means is that it’s able to keep wax a certain temperature without letting it cool down or warm up too much. That’s especially useful when you’re waxing large areas of your body. You can use it both for 8 oz and 14 oz cans. Therefore, you can warm up any brand wax as long as the can size is right.

You can also adjust heat level from low to high in case wax temperature doesn’t satisfy you. What might seem hot to one person might be ok with the other. Therefore, it’s nice to have that option.

Quick Tip: Check voltage before using it, especially if you’re ordering from the US to another country. Otherwise, it might burn out immediately. However, if you’re buying from your country’s Amazon, that should already be adjusted for you.


  • Safe to use if you’re not a professional.
  • Very easy to adjust temperatures, works well at home.
  • Easy to use even for beginners.
  • Lid is extra useful since it prevents dust and things from coming into wax while it’s warming up.
  • Works well even after a year.


  • Need to preheat the warmer for around 30 minutes before putting the wax can in.
  • Not something you could fit into your handbag.
  • Not compact enough for travelling.
  • Might be difficult to pick up with warm wax in case you need to move it around.
  • Takes a while to heat up wax. Not very good if you want to quickly wax just before you go out.

Lifestance Wax Warmer Hair Removal Kit

Lifestance is not a well-known brand. In fact, I’ve tried googling about them but couldn’t quite find anything. However, the product speaks for itself quite well. It comes with 10 large wooden spatulas and 3 packs of hard wax beans. That can come useful to someone who’s only trying out waxing and doesn’t know what wax to use. You get to try! The wax warmer is sold on its own too.

The wax warmer has adjustable temperature options. You can change it from 120F to 240F (48-115C). It also can melt wax faster than other wax warmers do. That could come handy if you want to wax a body part just before going to a party or other event. On that type of occasions, hard wax beans happen to be useful since you can put the exact amount you need into the warmer and let it melt. If you’re waxing your underarms, this might be the best wax warmer kit.

Lifestance wax warmer has a removable aluminum wax pot. That means that you could potentially put in your own can of wax to heat it up. However, removable wax pot gives you the ability to use wax beans too. That can always come handy.

Tip: keep the lid on while melting wax, it will prevent contamination!


  • Can use your own wax with this warmer.
  • Warms up wax very quickly.
  • You can control temperature and set it on the exact temperature you want.
  • It auto turns on and off to keep the temperature just on the right level. That also saves you some electricity.


  • Should be careful with higher temperatures. It’s best to start with lower settings and see what happens.
  • Might be hard to use in the beginning, if you have no experience.
  • Might overheat the wax and cause and damage the lid. Be careful and don’t leave it unaccompanied for too long.

Pro-Wax100 Wax Warmer Kit

Pro-Wax100 is suitable for various types of wax. It has a transparent cover that helps you see what’s going on inside the warmer and prevent wax from being contaminated. It’s also made from high temperature resistant plastic. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems with overheating when you melt that wax. It’s suitable for any type of wax too. Don’t be afraid to melt wax beads, soft wax, hard wax and sugar wax. The wax warmer has a removable stainless-steel bucket that is easy to clean if you’re using wax beads.

The wax warmer kit comes with 3 bags of wax beads that you can try out and see whether they suit you. However, you cannot really get the wax warmer on its own. That can be annoying, especially if you already know what wax you want to use. However, giving a try to new product can never hurt. It’s a part of finding out what suits you best. Hard wax tends to be great with sensitive skin anyway, in case you’re worried about allergic reactions.

Overall, it’s one of my favourites. Works fast, doesn’t have annoying disadvantages and simply does its job.


  • Great for beginners.
  • No problems with overheating.
  • Removable pot is very easy to take out.
  • Truly easy to clean and maintain. Saves a lot of time if you’re using wax beads.
  • It melts wax in around 15 minutes. That’s something, I’m sure, we all can appreciate.


  • Too big for travelling. You won’t be able to put it into your handbag.
  • Doesn’t have many disadvantages at all. Surely the best wax warmer you can find.

Wokaar Wax Warmer Kit

Wokaar is another small supplier that makes wax warmers. This product comes with 4 wax bean bags with different natural flavours and 10 spatulas. It has a see-through cover and a removable pot. That’s mostly the reason why you can use it for any type of wax. You can adjust the temperature too. It ranges from 160F to 240F and you have full control over it. That’s especially important for those with extra sensitive skin who want the wax to be of a particular temperature.

I’m mostly recommending this product since it melts wax very fast. Especially wax beans. You can do it in up to 15 minutes. Therefore, it can provide with a fast solution just before an important occasion.

Tip: use spatulas to stir wax while melting, so it gets a consistent texture. It helps to apply the wax to your skin equally and improves waxing procedure.


  • Melts wax quite fast.
  • Provides with good temperature control.
  • Easy to use even for beginners.
  • Comes with 4 wax bean bags in 4 different natural flavours. They’re fun to play with.


  • Not everyone wants all the extras, especially if you already have your own wax.
  • The smell of the wax that it comes with is unpleasant.

  • The wax bead packs are small, therefore don’t last long.

Features to Look for in a Wax Warmer

Here are a few quick tips that should help you to choose the right wax warmer. Those are the things I usually look for when I help my friends to get one for themselves.

What Materials It’s Made Of

Some wax warmers might seem alright. However, once you start melting wax, the plastic it’s made of might melt too. I’ve just heard so many stories that it happened to some people before. Especially when they were using their toys on full temperature. Make sure the wax warmer is made of plastic that can resist higher temperatures.

Look for Warranties

Even if you’re not spending a lot, you should look what warranties supplier offers. Wax warmers tend to come faulty and it would be a shame to spend all of that for nothing.

What Wax It’s Suitable For

If the wax warmer doesn’t have a removable pot, you probably cannot use wax beans at all. Not all wax warmers are good for sugar wax. I would suggest reading a few reviews and see what people say. If you’re ordering from amazon, you can always ask a question and you’re most likely to get an accurate answer. That’s what I usually do, if I’m completely lost. As a rule, melt wax in cans to stay safe.

best wax warmer kits for home

How to Use a Wax Warmer

Even though using a wax warmer is simple. Having a few directions can be useful. I remember my first time using a wax warmer was so scary and confusing! I ended up with wax everywhere on the floor and spend hours trying to clean up after myself. If I had a few directions back then, I’m sure I wouldn’t have failed so miserably. Perhaps this small guide will help you to be more successful.

Turn the Wax Warmer On

Each wax warmer works a bit differently. Some of them are quite quick at melting wax. However, others not so much. Depending on the wax warmer you have, you might want to give it 30 minutes or so to warm up before adding the product into it. If you’re wondering what to do with the wax warmers I’ve recommended, read the descriptions. I advise on what to do.

Put the Wax Inside

If you’re using soft, hard or sugar wax in a can, all you need to do is put the can into the wax warmer. However, if you’re using wax beads, you’ll probably need to add them straight into the pot. Make sure the wax warmer has a removable waxing pot. Otherwise, you’ll end up scratching the wax off from inside the device and ruining it. If you are not sure whether the wax you have is suitable for the warmer, read instructions. They should tell you what this gadget can be used for.

Close the Lid

Now, that’s an important step. If you want your waxing procedure to go smoothly, you’ll need to close the lid when melting wax. If you don’t do it, even the best wax warmer won’t help you to get rid of that hair without too much trouble. Closing wax warmer’s lid prevents wax contamination due to dust or other external influences. Contamination usually reduces wax’s ability to attach to hairs and rip them out. Also, you don’t want to burn anything in there!

Use Spatulas to Stir

Even though you need to keep that lid closed most of the time, it’s a good idea to stir your wax from time to time. That will help the wax to melt equally and get a better texture. In the end, it’s going to be easier to apply wax to your skin and rip it off.

Apply the Wax

Depending on the wax you use, you might want to apply it to waxing strips if it’s soft wax that you’re using or straight to your skin if it’s hard wax. Anyway, the process is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is apply a thick layer to your skin and let it cool down. If it’s the strips that you’re using, then apply a thin layer. It should be enough to rip the hair out.

getting rid of hair wax

Clean Up Your Wax Warmer

Depending on the wax you use, you might want clean up that wax warmer. You should clean it regularly even if you just use cans. In case you’re melting straight in the removable pot, you may want to use oil to remove wax that’s left. Some of them are made from steel, so should be relatively easy to clean.


I hope you enjoyed some of the tips I’ve shared with you and found the reviews useful. In case you have any questions about any particular product, let me know. I’ll do my best to answer them. I know how stressful it can be to find the best wax warmer. After all, it’s an investment that costs a little bit of money. Comment below to share your own tips too! I constantly update these articles to make sure information is up to date!

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