Perhaps you noticed that sometimes after a good waxing session your skin gets covered by bumps. Many will tell you that it’s a completely normal reaction and that’s true. However, it doesn’t make it any more pleasurable. In fact, if you were to wax your face, red bumps may make you feel very uncomfortable. We wax so that we would look more beautiful, not the other way around. If you are constantly asking yourself questions like: why do I get bumps after waxing, how to prevent bumps after waxing? You are in the right place. I’ll try to answer them.

So Why do I get Bumps After Waxing?

Whenever you wax and rip out hair, you also rip out cells from one of the layers of your skin. It contains dead cells. Even though you may think that dead cells are absolutely unnecessary, they actually have a function – protection of skin. While it’s important to exfoliate in order to remove dead cells, some amount of them should always stay where they belong. Therefore, the reason why you get red bumps and rashes is due to the fact that dead cells have been removed and no longer can serve their purpose.

In addition to that, red bumps are cause by ingrown hair. Ingrown hair is a common problem associated with any of the hair removal methods. Why you’ll ask? It’s because removing hair is not a natural process for our bodies and it could potentially be dangerous if not done right. Therefore, our bodies have a way to protect our skin from more serious infections by forming red bumps. That’s why if you follow certain steps, you can prevent bumps from appearing.

How to Prevent Bumps After Waxing? – Essential Steps

Waxing is a pretty simple procedure. All you need to know is a few do’s and dont’s.

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Wash your hand before waxing

Washing hands is something you have to do every day. The amount of bacteria we collect on them is enormous. Therefore, it’s even more important to wash them before waxing. Why? You skin becomes more susceptible to catching infection after hair is removed. All in all, you want to decrease a chance of catching any infection that would cause the formation of bumps as much as possible.

Avoid waxing during menstruation

Menstruation is a funny period for every woman. Our moods change, we feel weird, start eating the strangest or sweetest foods. In addition to that, it increases skin sensitivity. As the result, there is a bigger probability to get bumps or red rashes. Therefore, let your skin rest for at least that one week in a month!

Don’t exfoliate your skin beforehand

When I am advising you not to exfoliate, I mean not to exfoliate on the same day before waxing. Exfoliating is important generally speaking. However, if it’s done before waxing, it can only cause you more problems. Why so? Since exfoliating removes dead cells and waxing does the same thing, it means that if there will not be any dead cells, wax will start ripping out healthy cells. That can cause a sever skin infection and result in bumps that won’t go away for a long time.

Let Your Hair Grow

It’s important to wax hair that can be waxed! What do I mean by that? If you will reluctant to the fact that wax is just wax and it cannot catch the shortest hair, you’ll get bumps. Why? Imagine trying to wax short hair, obviously it won’t work. Therefore, you’ll keep on trying to wax the same patch for a couple of times. As a result of that, you’ll irritate your skin more than usually and get bumps. In case you feel an enormous need to remove even the shortest hair, epilators are good at that.

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Wax Only Hair That are Visible

The reason why many ladies get bumps after waxing is because they tend to wax the same patch of skin a couple of times. You can do it, if you still have a great amount of hair left. However, that’s not usually the case. We’re trying to do that so just to ‘’make sure’’ there is no hair left at all. Consequently, we ripping out a lot of skin cells and damaging our skin quite badly. We shouldn’t do it! In addition to that, sometimes it looks like our wax simply doesn’t work. Therefore, it’s extremely important to use the right waxing products that would do their job from the first time.

Wax in the Right Direction

When I tell you that, I mean that you should wax against the growth of your hair. If you’re waxing legs, you should pull upwards, if you’re waxing your arms you should pull from left to right if it’s your left arm, and from right to left if it’s your right arm. You get the idea, don’t you? Doing that ensures that you will get rid of hair faster and more efficiently since wax then can grip on hair easier. You will not need to wax the same patch over and over again. Therefore, you’ll not irritate your beautiful skin and avoid bumps like a pro!

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Don’t Wait too Long In-between

It’s important to wax regularly since your skin then can easily adjust to changes. Once your skin is ‘’ok’’ with you waxing, it will no longer produce bumps and just accept the fact that now you’re waxing. On the other hand, if you wax very rarely, your skin will easily forget that waxing really means and will no longer know how to react to it. Therefore, it will start producing bumps. See, skin is just like another person who just wants to know what’s happening!

Use Ices Cubes

Sometimes waxing can be quite painful and result in bleeding. Taking care of that right away is extremely important. We don’t want to catch blood infection! Of course, that’s only in the worst case scenario. However, putting on a few ice cubes, rubbing them around the painful areas will elevate skin, help it relax and ‘calm down’. It should stop the breakout of red bumps as well.

Apply Wax Lotion

While waxing procedure is very important, it’s even more important to soothe your skin accordingly afterwards. There a lot of lotions that you could buy in the shops. You could even make one yourself. You need to know that lotions sooth, smooth, soften and moisturize skin. It’s an essential step after waxing since your skin has experienced a lot of pressure and irritation.

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An Extra Idea to Prevent Red Spots After Waxing

I very much hope you enjoyed reading this article.Could you now tell me why do I get bumps after waxing? If yes, then it’s great. If the answer is no, please comment below and ask for further questions. We’re always happy to help a friend. In addition to that, if you have any ideas or any more proposals on how to prevent bumps after waxing, let us know. We’re happy to learn and improve our content. We like a good discussion as well! Also, in case you don’t want to fight with ingrown hair and bumps anymore, you can find a few tips on how to remove hair and not worry about bumps in our website. Additionally, if it’s too late and you already have bumps find out how to treat them here.