Getting bumps after a long waxing procedure is absolutely normal. However, they don’t look aesthetic and cause us to feel uncomfortable. Why do they form? Once you wax, your hair starts growing back and it may catch a wall of the hair follicle. As a result, you get small red bumps on your skin. That’s even more common amongst those that have curly or thick hair. I’ll give you a few tips on how to treat bumps after waxing to have smoother and shinier skin. If you’d like to know how to prevent bumps from appearing at all you should read this.

How to Treat Bumps After Waxing for Silky Skin

Here are a few natural products that will help you to treat waxing rashes.


Cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce pain caused by bumps and soothe affected areas. In addition to that, it has cooling properties that calm down the skin and let it relax. It also contains vitamin C that is a part of a collagen production cycle. Moreover, this vitamin is also known for its role in metabolic paths, therefore it improves healing properties and decreases the amount of damaged cells. All you need to do is cut a cucumber into slices and gently rub it on those bumps. This vegetable will let your skin relax and help to treat those red bumps.

Tea Tree Oil

There is still a lot of research going on around tea tree oil. Scientists think that it has antiseptic properties. However, final agreement has not been found yet. Tea tree oil is very often used in creams for acne and there is no doubt it cleanses skin. Applying a small amount of this oil to your skin will ensure that it’s germ free and ready to heal. My advice would be to mix it with another oil such as olive oil that has moisturising properties. Therefore, you skin will get a good balance of moisture and cleanliness.

how to treat bumps after waxing

Calendula Tincture

Calendula is known for its very strong antiseptic properties. It can both help your skin and ruin it at the same time. Therefore, you need to make sure to use a small amount of it due to its strong properties. First of all, you need to dilute it. Then mix 1 part of calendula tincture with 1 part of water. After all of that, you need to apply a thin layer of the mixture on the affected area and let it sit there for a while. It would be good to wash it off after 30-60 minutes (depending on how you feel) and apply moisturising cream.

Aloe Vera

This plant has both antiseptic and soothing features. It works beautifully well with rashes, because it manages to also keep skin hydrated. In case you are a lucky person and happen to grow Aloe Vera at home, then take the plant, wash it and cut open. You will see some sort of jelly structure that will come out of it. Apply a thin layer of it on your skin and let it sit there. I understand that not everyone has an Aloe Vera growing in their garden. Therefore, it’s completely understandable if you’ll try to use an Aloe Vera gel instead. Perhaps it’s a bit pointless to use creams, because the concentration of the actual gel in there is very small and you may not get the wanted result. In addition to that, try to keep the gel cold as it will further sooth and comfort your skin.

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Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is another product that is great at reducing pain. It’s a good lubricant as it reduces the friction between the skin and the area. That’s quite important for fighting with rashes. It’s a strong antioxidant and therefore cleanses your skin even in the deepest corners. In addition to that, anti-inflammatory properties ease the pain. That results in clearer smoother skin and increases your comfort. Therefore, we can easily use it to get rid of waxing bumps. Simply apply and enjoy.

Waxing Rash Treatment Tips

In addition to following the treatment and using products I mentioned above, there are few more things you need to have in mind.

Wear Loose Clothes

A part of the reason why we get bumps in the first place is the fact that our skin cannot breathe and gets constantly irritated. If you wax your back or bikini area, you may have noticed that your skin gets coloured with red bumps. That’s due to the fact that there is fabric that constantly touches and irritates your skin. You can easily change it by trying to wear looser clothes while you are treating rashes or sleeping naked. Your skin will at least have the night to relax and heal. As a result, it will get smooth sooner.

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Wash Hands

This tip is important due to the fact that we like to touch our skin, especially the areas that have pimples and infect them even more. However, keeping your hands clean can help you to avoid any additional infections or irritation. Therefore, it’s very important to regularly wash them with washing liquid and keep them moisturised. Even such small things matter and can significantly improve the curing process.

Avoid Heat

It would be good for you to stay out of heat. I mostly mean hot tubs, hot showers and saunas. They can significantly irritate your skin and stop curing process.

Wash Affected Area with Cold Water

Getting some ice and cooling down water and then pouring it over the rash can comfort your skin and easy the pain. You should do it a couple of times a day while you’re dealing with red bumps. Your skin will be smoother and shinier in the end.

You Can Use Lotion

In case you are not a fan of natural products and just want to get a quick treatment, you can always buy a lotion. Any lotion really that has antiseptic, moisturising properties. They will help you greatly and save your time as well. These types of lotions don’t cost much either which makes them even more attractive.

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Extra Advice for Post Waxing Bumps Treatment

Thank you for reading this article. Would you now know how to treat bumps after waxing? If yes, then it’s great! You’re more than welcome to share you own tips in the comment section. However, if you are not entirely sure how to deal with your bumps, you can always ask a question. I’ll do my best to answer it. Thank you for joining me today on this post and have a lovely day! Hopefully a bump free day!