leg waxing. How to do it?

There are more and more people who wax every day. When you think about removing hair from different parts of your body, leg waxing probably seems like the most common procedure that we go for. I think that’s mostly because our legs are not as sensitive as other parts of our body and, therefore, it’s less painful to remove hairs from them. I know a lot of people who go for a leg wax to a professional, others do it at home. Overall, it’s a good option for a permanent hair removal that we should acknowledge.

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Leg Waxing Questions!

If you are waxing your legs, you probably have a lot of small questions that you wish someone would answer. Here are some of the questions I used to google all the time when I started waxing and just wanted to know how to improve the overall hair removing experience.

How Long Does the Waxing Procedure Last?

How long it will take for you to wax your legs depends on many things.

Are You Going to See a Professional?

Waxing professionals are super-fast at getting rid of that hair. They can do it in around 20 minutes. However, they might offer you a massage afterwards and overall pampering that could take more time than the actual waxing procedure. It’s up to you whether you want to relax or just go and get over it.

Are You Doing It at Home?

If you’re brave enough to do it by yourself, which you should be, then you need get used to the fact that it’s going to take some time for you to wax your legs. Probably around 30 minutes or so.

Are You a Beginner?

Don’t expect to become a pro in 5 minutes. That’s all I’m saying. At first, it might take you ages to get both of those legs waxed. It will get messy and wax will be everywhere. You’ll probably spend good 20 minutes just cleaning after yourself. Ha ha! Practice makes it perfect.

What Wax are You Using?

If you’re using waxing strips, it can be super easy to wax. It will make you fast too. However, if you’re using actual hard or soft wax, it will take more time. You’ll need to melt wax, apply it to strips, etc. Have that in mind too.

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How Long Does a Leg Wax Last?

That’s a tricky question. The answer for it depends on each individual and how many times he/she has waxed before. The more you wax, the longer it will take for your hairs to grow back, because a lot of hair follicles will be damaged and it’s going to take months for them to regenerate.

First Time Waxing

If you’re waxing for the first time in your life, it’s probably going to take 2 weeks for the hair to grow back.

5th Time Waxing

You could expect to stay hairless for around 3 weeks.

10th Time Waxing

You’ll probably be able to enjoy your smooth and hairless legs for around a month or so.

Other Factors

There are a lot of other factors that you should consider whenever you’re expecting certain results. Some of us have fairer hair, others – thicker. The more hair you have, the more likely they’re to grow back faster, especially in the early stages of the waxing experience. It simply means that more hair follicles need to be damaged and that takes time. Moreover, everyone’s hair grows at a different rate and that depends on the speed of your metabolism and other cellular factors. Therefore, times for how long a leg wax lasts may vary.

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How Often Should I Wax My Legs?

Well, it only makes sense for this question to follow. You should probably wax your legs every 2 weeks when you’re just starting out and your hair is still quite thick, and every 4 weeks once your hair gets fairer. More on that here.

What if I have Thick Hair?

Hair will get fairer with time. It depends on everyone, and the best you can do is just to keep on waxing and tracking your results.

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How Long Does Leg Hair Have to Be to Wax?

I know that this question often just makes you wonder how everything works, really. The truth is, your hair should be around half of an inch for you to be able to wax it off. However, people do notice, including me, that those hairs can be shorter after you wax for 10 times or so. Obviously, all our hairs have different texture. Some of them are more slippery than others so the length does vary. I mostly think you should just try waxing at different times and see what works best. Of course, the longer your hair is when you wax it, the better. However, you don’t want to look like a bear when the time to wax comes! Don’t be afraid to test your limits!

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How to Apply Wax?

If you have hard wax, make sure to apply thicker layer of it. If it’s soft and you’re using strips, the story changes. You’ll only need to use a little bit of the product. Anyway, when you’re applying wax, make sure to do it towards the direction of your hair growth. Not the other way around, because hairs will get trapped in a weird position and it might be super-painful to rip them out.

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How to Rip That Wax Off?

You only need to remember one thing. Do it in the opposite direction of your hair growth and you should be just fine. Also, if it’s hard wax, rip it off slowly. Do the opposite with soft wax. Easy enough to remember, isn’t it?

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How to Clean Up the Leftovers of Wax?

Wax is a lipid and you’ll need another lipid to get rid of it. Just use whatever oil you find in your kitchen and it should do the deed. However, don’t try doing that with water. You’re more likely to irritate your skin and cause bleeding rather than remove wax. Moreover, be patient. It takes time to clean up and to get that wax off. It doesn’t come out so easily, but oil is certainly going to help you the most.

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Leg waxing is truly a simple procedure. Anyone can do it. You can do it too! I hope you found some of the answers useful in case you were wondering how to do one thing or the other. Do you have more questions? Just ask them in the comments, I’ll make sure to add them to this post so that everyone can benefit from that. Anyway, happy leg waxing! Have a lovely day!