epilator vs waxing which is better

Waxing has been in our day to day life for a while now. Since ancient Egypt if to be exact. On the other hand, epilators were just recently introduced. We can even tell you the date – 1986. The first epilator was invented by the company Epilady. This brand still exists and they keep on selling their beauty gadgets. When you start thinking about the difference between ages of each method, it’s huge. Even though they appeared in the world at very different times, they have a lot in common. However, there is an ongoing debate about both methods: epilator vs waxing which is better? You probably want to find the answer to that question yourself. We’ll compare each method in terms of different features.

Epilator vs Waxing Which is Better? – Comparison

Feature Epilator Waxing
Less Painful
Rips Off Skin
Better for Sensitive Parts
Less Messy
More Convenient
Easier to Use
Long Lasting Effects

 Epilation is Less Time Consuming

Waxing takes so much longer than epilation! Many ladies can agree on that. Even if you only use strips and don’t melt wax for the procedure, it still takes longer than turning on your epilator and getting rid of all of the hair. The difference between how much time you spend on certain parts can especially be felt if you are waxing bigger body parts such as legs or arms. Here you can find a list of good epilators for specifically large areas like legs.

Waxing is Less Painful if You’ve Never Tried Epilation

The truth is epilators are very painful in the beginning. It takes some time to get used to them and then procedure becomes bearable or even pleasant. That could do with the fact that you may be nervous when trying this small gadget for the first time. The pain relates to the fact that unlike waxing epilators pull out a few hairs at once while waxing strips can remove a patch of hair in one second. Therefore, epilators cause more discomfort because epilation is more like a continuous process and not a one-off procedure. However, after a few times epilating feels pretty much the same as waxing. It does get better!

Waxing Rips Off Your Skin

A big con of waxing is the fact that whenever you wax you also rip off a good amount your skin with your hair. That skin is perfectly healthy and probably wants to stay where it belongs. The result of that could be – rashes, red skin and usual pain. Doesn’t sound very pleasant, does it? In addition to that, it kills the purpose of waxing itself. The idea behind it is the fact that you want to get beautiful, shiny and smooth skin that is pleasant to look at. However, you don’t really get that. Instead, you are left with red skin and bits of it! On the other hand, epilator is built in such a way that it only catches your hair if you keep your skin taut. Therefore, it mostly concentrates on pulling your hair out and your skin gets to stay untouched.

Epilators are Cheaper

Wax and strips themselves are relatively cheap. However, when you use them every 2-3 weeks, small amounts add up and you end up spending a fortune. On the other hand, you can pretty much get a decent epilator thEat will do its job quite well for 2-3 years if not more for $40-50. Now start counting and you’ll realise that epilator will probably cost you less. Electricity costs shouldn’t be that high either. You spend money on electricity when you warm up wax anyway!

Waxing is Better for Sensitive Parts

I myself started epilating a long time ago but only recently I got used to epilating my armpits. Why? Due to the fact that I don’t have that much of hair there anymore so the procedure isn’t painful anymore. Instead of epilating, I have always been waxing and found it quite pleasant. Before, I would always use waxing strips that already have wax on them, cut them into small pieces and then pull out hair from my armpits. I personally find epilation of pubic hair unbearable and I think many ladies or men feel the same way. I must admit that waxing is much more pleasant down there. Of course, it’s still painful but cutting strips into smaller pieces and using them helps me a lot. You could try doing the same!

Epilation is More Convenient

Most of you will agree that epilation is simply more convenient. All you need to do is take an epilator, sit down, find a socket (not in all cases) and epilate. You can do it before work or before a party if you suddenly change your mind to wear a dress. Can you do that with wax? Well, if you are creative. The problem about wax is that it spills all around the place (that would happen to me so often), sticks to your skin, to the floor and then to the sink. Wait wait, that’s not it. In order to remove it from your skin, you have to apply some oil. However, then your hands get oily. That’s another problem! It seems like the chain doesn’t have the end to it.

It’s Easier to Use an Epilator

Epilators are easy to use while waxing is harder to master. Have you ever noticed how many beauty salons provide waxing. I was passing one today and realised how many I’ve seen just in my city. I also have a friend who does waxing professionally. She usually tells me that there are a lot of clients coming for full body waxing. What that shows it that it is not easy to wax. That is the reason why so many people choose to go and see a professional for that. Have you ever seen a salon that offers epilation services? Me neither.

Results Last Around the Same Time

Waxing results can stay for up to 8 weeks. That’s a great feature! Epilation only lasts for up to 4-6 weeks. However, epilators are good at picking even the shortest hair while waxing requires time. Your hair needs to grow back before it can go away again. That’s why it’s a bit tricky to say which one method provides longer lasting results. All in all, you should probably make up your mind whether it is more important to you to remove hair less often or have smooth legs for most of the time. Depends on the climate you live in as well.

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Waxing vs Epilator? Which One Will You Choose?

Epilator vs waxing, which is better? Do you now have an answer to this question? If not, please comment below, perhaps we will have the answer for you. It’s always nice to share. In addition to that, if you have any ideas on how we could improve our content or particularly this article, please get in touch in the comments section as well.